In this video Ran features beautiful site designs and layouts created by female designers. Each one has its own unique elements and design strategies anyone can implement into their next project. Sites mentioned: JOIN our free design workshop to level up your skills: And check out are full catalog of FREE resources: 📽️ CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro 00:18 – Website #1 Karina Sirqueira 02:02 -Website #2 Marija Vitasovis 04:09 – Website #3 Doriane Azzouz 05:17 – Website #4 Tanya Dyo 08:10 – Website #5 Fungi Dube 🎓 LEARN how to make a great living as a designer with our full courses: 📱 Find us on SOCIAL MEDIA Flux Academy’s Instagram 👉 Ran’s Instagram 👉 Thanks for watching our video! #webdesignerfreelancer #websitedesigners #freelancerdesigner #freelancewebdesigner

14 thoughts on “TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Women Portfolios 2022

  1. Really awesome stuff you had share to us.plz show some great website of ecom. Afterall your insights are always outstanding and helpful. God bless u

  2. As much as we’d like to design some next level websites that interact with cutting edge design and human friendly user experience it’s almost impossible as the landscape changes so fast. And clients want what they want, a basice home page and contact use along with a portfolio and services as it does the job.

    What has never changed is accessibility and give the users ability to navigate to where they want to go. The limitations are our flat screen devices, if AR and VR could be implemented websites will truly come to life.

    I can imagine the Doriane website as part of a VR/AR experience where we can grab the animations with our virtual hands and on e-commerce sites we can literally examine products with a combination of VR and AR, visualise sizes, try clothes and touch “products”.

    These websites are really a designers dream to break conventions and they do what they feel like doing, which is admirable.

  3. To be honest I thought all of them were meh except for the last one the African themed one that was good

  4. About Marija website, it looks good however the navigation is not clear. A normal user will struggle to navigate.

  5. @fluxacademy
    10.04 – Is it possible to create this covering effect while scrolling in figma or webflow? Thank you

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