In this video, Charli, from the YouTube channel CharliMarieTV, goes over her top 5 web design trends for 2022.

Read through the full list of 22 web design trends for 2022 on the Webflow blog: https://wfl.io/2022-trends

Check out Charli’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/charlimarieTV

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18 thoughts on “Top web design trends in 2022

  1. Yes in fact boldish typo need to be used carefully, most of websites using it are lack of a good UX. It’s beautiful but anyone read, stay or come back to those websites :/. It should be well thought exceptions. Especially in hero sections

  2. Love all these, looovee the mini sites concept. Seems so fun and want to create more. (Been stuck on updating my portfolio for so long nowwww gah.)

  3. Great insights ! Agree with web should be fun again.
    Personally don’t like the giant text trend though, it just feels lazy and and almost self-absorbed to me for some reason.

  4. Using “They” instead of the awful “he/she” has been a personal crusade for years. Go Charli!

    1. ugh YES he/she implies those are the only two choices for pronouns, which we know is not the case!

  5. I think Webflow is a great tool for building websites, but how do you justify the monthly payment with all these limitations/caps? There’s limits on your number of E-commerce Items, Yearly Sales Volume, Form Submissions, Number of Pages, Monthly Site Visits, CMS Records, Bandwidth, and API Requests. There isn’t even a fully unlimited plan offered, and the closest you can get to unlimited is $235 per month… Am I missing something?

  6. Gah. I hate cut-off type. Always makes me think the web designer didn’t know how to make it fit. I feel like that’s how it got started. Doesn’t make me want to read more. Makes me leave the site.

  7. _”gender neutral design”_ ? Isn’t intrinsically sexist to think that pink is for females and blue for males? Then, why postmodernists still think otherwise? Doesn’t that make them actually sexist in the first place? Weren’t we all gender fluid and colours don’t matter anymore? The nonsensical postmodernist ideas and logic.

  8. Since the modern smartphone and tablets become famous, Internet website design trends have been changed because now website are more like multi functions applications thouse have automatic functions for desktop computer as well as for mobile devices, with different operating system and browsers, there are so many CMS, PHP, MySQL based templates thouse provide that kind of functionality for information , intertainmet and E-commerce websites,,,🤠

  9. I love that she also mentioned gender neutral design, it definitely makes a difference ♥

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