Best free WordPress live chat plugin – 3CX live chat

In this video I will show you how to install and get started with this free plugin 3CX live chat to get more from your website and keeping in touch with your clients.

Plugin link: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-live-chat-support/

Latest CloudWays offer and video review: https://youtu.be/x_VuoV6T9wM

MonsterOne | https://bit.ly/3vWebdi

Crocoblock | https://bit.ly/3wUnrys
TemplateMonster | https://bit.ly/2RpjTVV

Cybrancee Website: | https://bit.ly/3fSnllf

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18 thoughts on “Best free WordPress live chat plugin – 3CX live chat

  1. I am starting a website which is under development and I am looking for a way to have
    chat for my members.
    Phone Calls
    Members can chat with each other
    Members can do a videochat with each other
    Can you suggest what I can do ?

  2. Hello, i have problem that after i install live chat, refresh page and open chat automatically it fill name and email and I cant change it. when I start chat it it shows: chat session not found please try again. Do you have any advice for this issue?

  3. I watched your video. I’m not finding any videos on how to link up my iPhone to my website 3CX live chat so I can receive and respond to website chat on my phone . Any suggestions ?

  4. i followed your instruction but when i go to start chat i get the following message “chat session not found please try again”.
    no solution available at 3cx support. can you help ?

    1. Sorry for the delay, double check your 3CX key if you have any other issues, your best bet is to reinstall or ensure that the server is able to communicate with 3CX server. Tim (Moderator)

  5. Thanks for your tutorial, how can I export the conversation? my aim is to save the transcript/conversation in database.

    1. Hi I do not believe you can with the plugin, but I am sure is possible with custom code. Tim (Moderator)

  6. Hi i wanted to ask in this chat can join all pepole ar comunicate at the same time?

  7. installed the plugin, set everything up, the chat bubble showed up site… tried a test message…. never got message… chat bubble dissapeared from site. could never get chat bubble to re appear. what kinid of bs is that?????

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