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2. WSChat ELEX WordPress Live Chat – https://learnwoo.com/refer/elex-wschat-wordpress-live-chat-plugin
3. LiveChat – https://learnwoo.com/refer/livechat
4. JivoChat for WooCommerce – https://learnwoo.com/refer/jivochat
5. YITH Live Chat – https://learnwoo.com/refer/yith-live-chat
6. HubSpot WordPress Plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/leadin/
7. Live Chat by Formilla – https://learnwoo.com/refer/formilla
8. Drift – https://wordpress.org/plugins/drift/

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Prompt customer support is one of the essential features of any eCommerce site. You might want to invest in a quality help desk system to provide resolution to customer issues. However, typically you will take more time to resolve queries through a help desk system depending on their volume. If you are using a live chat on your site, you can resolve simple queries much faster. A live chat solution can be used for pre-sale queries as well as to follow up on sales leads.

In this video, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce live chat plugins.

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