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Pt. XII: The Yin-Yang of Russian/American Post-propaganda.

The distinction between the Russian and American media is as follows: the legacy media in Russia is predicated on (self-)censorship whereas the MSM within the US is centered across the narrative. Both of those entities are mutually dependent and there’s no explicit border between them. (Self-)censorship is the final word narrative of the Russian media, likewise, the principle narrative within the States is (self-)censorship. Obviously, these two signify a basic instance of lies by omission: they’re seldom talked about within the 24-hour information cycle or their function and prevalence are denied at greatest.

Don’t be tricked by the assorted manifestations of (self-)censorship/narrative: ‘conventional values’ or ‘progressive values’, ‘article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code’ or ‘political correctness’. Differences are of a superficial nature solely, as a result of the purpose of (self-)censorship/narrative is to convey society to 1 widespread denominator, establishing management by means of the dictate of societal norms. This applies not solely to the media however means past.

The post-propaganda world is a post-proof and post-fact-check realm. What doesn’t fall in line with the narrative is reduce off by way of (self-)censorship. That’s why we see audio system and listen to discussions that assist to strengthen the given narrative: TV-screen Russians within the US and American whipping boys in Russian political TV exhibits. Furthermore, the mere time period ‘Russian‘ or ‘American’ is positioned/perceived as a damaging marker even with out express demonization as a result of present local weather within the American/Russian media. A typical particular person is buried beneath the snowslide of (counter)propaganda due to the impossibility to confirm the introduced data, distracting particulars of the creating story and lack of awareness within the particular fields. The infotainment trade provides clear ready-made solutions and untangles the impasse of contradicting discourses.

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