The Great Deception: Truth is, Working For the Man is Unfulfilling and Oppressive

The idea that work is satisfying and liberating has been recommended as a central tenet from the capitalist system for decades. The notion is that function provides people with a sense of objective and self-worth, and that this is a means of obtaining financial self-reliance and personal freedom. This idea has been perpetuated by these in power, who have the vested interest in keeping individuals virtually enslaved. The fact, however, is that for many, function is far from fulfilling plus liberating. In fact, for many individuals, work is a source of tension, anxiety, and oppression.

The proponents of this idea might argue that work is satisfying because it provides people with a feeling of purpose, and that it is delivering because it allows people to get away poverty and the lack of chance that often comes with it. They claim that work is the key in order to success and happiness, which anyone who wants to achieve this stuff simply needs to work hard and become disciplined. However, this is an argument that has been perpetuated by people who benefit the most from it.

The truth is that work is often faraway from fulfilling, and that it is not delivering.

The demands of function can be overwhelming, and the stress to perform can be immense. The hours are long, as well as the work is often monotonous plus unfulfilling. The reality is basically can be a source of unhappiness, instead of happiness, and that it can be a way to obtain enslavement, rather than liberation.

The wealthy elites, who the actual most from the system, possess the wealth and power to change and control the system, and so they exploit the masses simply by perpetuating the notion that work can be fulfilling and liberating. This is a cruel deception to maintain people working for the Man, and to keep them from wondering the system.

In conclusion, the concept work is fulfilling plus liberating is a cruel deceptiveness that has been perpetuated by these in power. For lots of people, work is a source of tension, anxiety, and oppression, in fact it is not the key to pleasure and success that it is frequently portrayed to be. It is about each of us to problem this notion and to guard a fairer and more fair system that values individuals over profits.

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