Siri Sahana Kaur’s latest recording and collaboration ninth mantra album is Dance of Soul (with Siri Sadhana Kaur and Aloka Collister). These remixes are upbeat, with digital grooves and deep ambient soundscapes, that fuse sacred mantra & unique world devices, serving as a basis and platform for the harmonic melodies and vocals.

Siri Sadhana, are you able to inform us extra about your collaboration with Kamari and Manvir?

In love of dance and motion expression, we have been invited to collaborate with our previous buddies and fellow UK artists- Kamari & Manvir from Akashic recordings. We danced and performed on stage with them for a lot of a 12 months at numerous UK & European festivals and have been delighted to hitch collectively for this undertaking. This is now my ninth album, and am so pleased to make music that conjures up the dancer to maneuver in pleasure, celebration and devotion.

Can you share a little bit extra about your Mantra Dance?

I’ve been main dance occasions referred to as ‘Mantra Dance’ medication for the soul, which mixes the beautiful energy of vibrating and firming your voice utilizing Kundalini mantras, then accessing the liberty and pleasure of dance expression via the physique. We heat up the vocal cords and open the resonating cavities of the physique experiencing our vary and vocal potential. Then dance inside a sequence of motion mantra medication, intelligently crafted and directing the physique in the direction of transformation so you possibly can willingly be guided right into a state of grace, easy and joyous motion. Through motion routines and drawing on the richness and fervour of the voice, we are able to create a music medication that speaks on to the soul and will get your cells buzzing.

When did you get into kundalini yoga and mantra?

My journey with Kundalini and Sacred mantra music started 17 years in the past. My background was in theatre, I used to be an actor for a few years and toured in theatre productions. This gave me a strong platform and deep appreciation for the creativity that was stirred and awoken in my very firstclass. My first Kundalini yoga trainer had an exquisite voice, and sometimes chanted simply along with her melodic voice reside, to the scholars in leisure and meditation. In these early courses, I keep in mind feeling transported, impressed and sometimes very emotional.

Kundalini Yoga has that stunning solution to attain and contact what must be awoken, in a really pure approach, but it might probably really feel earth shattering, but humbling. It’s common to listen to kundalini mantra music accompanying courses, music can maintain and assist us rhythmically via many issues. Kundalini Mantras are foundational inside the follow. The fusion of sound, Rhythm, vocalising historic syllables via clear intention is a recipe for transformation. An activation happens within the simulation of the mantra, the extra we merge with our personal depth and hear via our sound vibration, we therapeutic massage and heal, aligning, but surrendering to our deeper goal and calling.

How has it modified your life?

It has now simply turn into a lifestyle. I chant most days, whether or not it’s making ready for a live performance or chanting in a category, workshop or coaching. I get invited to many occasions and festivals to carry out. During the lockdown, I invested in additional sound tools after which did many extra reside on-line occasions within the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Paris, France, Spain, Menorca, USA.

Last summer time in lockdown, London was so amazingly quiet. Me and my colleague did some reside music dawn occasions in panoramic locations in London and on the coast just like the Millennium Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, The Thames at London Bridge, Primrose Hill view of London, Seven Sisters cliffs. My Life is stuffed with music and mantra, which appears like a fantastic blessing. Sacred music adjustments you, you’re referred to as to attach past the mundane and align into the better potential of who you’re.

What does your follow seem like now?

I’ve been training Kirtan Kriya for over 12 months, primarily as a result of I’m guiding and accompanying my buddies on this. One of my buddies has been identified with an early onset of Alzheimer’s. Kirtan Kriya as a meditation works with mantra, and (mudra) hand positions-synchronizing finger pulses in sync with the mantra. This will increase stimulation in areas of the mind which can be central to reminiscence. The particular fingertip place at the side of chanting the syllables SA TA NA MA improve blood stream within the motor-sensory a part of the mind. There have been analysis research exhibiting that training Kirtan kriya even for simply 12 minutes a day, will help scale back stress ranges and improve stimulation in areas of the mind which can be central to reminiscence. From the Eastern perspective, the position of the tongue on the roof of the mouth at the side of making the syllables, stimulates 84 acupuncture factors on the higher palate. This causes a helpful bio-chemical transformation within the mind.

Five-second spherical…

Fave quote? “What have you ever finished with the backyard that was entrusted to you?”

You in a Tweet… ‘Passion and productiveness float my boat’!

Book? ‘The Prophet’-so easy, but deeply profound

Place? Mali desert-West Africa

Teacher (yoga or in any other case)? The Late Sobonfu Somé

Kundalini yoga tune/artist? Gurudass Kaur

Breakfast? Bananas

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