Shopify vs WooCommerce: What’s the most effective Ecommerce Platform?
WooCommerce vs Shopify:
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Shopify and also WooCommerce are one of the most preferred options for mid-sized to bigger on-line shops. Both ecommerce systems are really various for you as an individual and also both have really certain benefits and drawbacks.

To discover which one is much better for YOU, we developed this Shopify vs WooCommerce testimonial. Among the major distinctions is that you require to mount WooCommerce by yourself internet room whereas Shopify currently gives an organized system.

See to it you likewise take a look at our blog site where we have a lot more comprehensive contrast of WooCommerce and also Shopify:

Simply enjoy this beginner-friendly contrast to learn which one is the best device for your on the internet shop!

Shopify vs WooCommerce video clip materials:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Ease of usage
1:10 Themes as well as Flexibility
2:06 Payment, Shipping and also Taxes
2:55 Multilingual Stores
3:39 Security
4:22 SEO – Search Engine Optimization
5:09 Support
5:59 Conclusion and also Final Score

I wish you appreciated this video clip! If you have any type of concerns concerning Shopify or WooCommerce, please leave a remark as well as I’ll more than happy to address you directly!

WooCommerce vs Shopify:

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  1. WooCommerce vs Shopify 👉

    Hi, I am Robert and I created this review! Let me know how you liked it and also leave your questions in the comments!

    1. You are very biased on this one, ask any developer if the choice was given between Shopify and WooCommerce they would choose the latter. Shopify is expensive even at the basic plan and only gets more expensive as you add more plugins, WHICH YOU WILL do as it is BASIC! WooCommerce, on the other hand, has none of that, sure you have OFFICIAL plugins that are supported directly by WooCommerce, but you also have free alternatives which give you the same or sometimes even better functionality overpaid ones!

      Now you may say “Aha Any Developer, but I say that it’s for normal users!” Well, that’s not true either, sure you have to do a bit more maintenance on WordPress than on Shopify, but that’s a good thing! You know exactly what’s happening with your site whereas in Shopify you only know it’s secure…

      Look I understand you are doing it for affiliate links hence why you need to prase both platforms but could you at least do draw and give strengths of both platforms?

    2. ​@Rihards Simanovics Hi Rihards, thanks for your comment! I respect your opinion but not everyone will think it’s a good thing that you have to do more maintenance as you have suggested. A lot of people will happily pay more to avoid that and be sure the site is secure. Being a WordPress user myself I know how challenging it can be at times to keep the site up and running.

  2. hey, why didn’t you mention the cost? if you’re comparing, you have to include that too! Shopify costs way more

    1. Hi Jonathan! Both have very similar payment options. But I would say that WooCommerce has a slight advantage as they are not forcing you to use Shopify Payments. Shopify’s own gateway is the only way to avoid additional sales charges. This is fine for countries where they offer it, unfortunately, there are still regions in the world where Shopify Payments is not available. All the main English-speaking countries are covered, though.

  3. definitely not the video to make a final decision , there a lot to WooCommerce than just this.

    1. Hi Manoranjan. It’s unfortunately always a bit difficult to put every single detail of a tool into our video reviews, since it would simply get too long and not all aspects are relevant for everyone. Though, WooCommerce is a very powerful tool, you’re right. If you’d like to get more info about WooCommerce, you can also check out our detailed written review if you like: 🙂

  4. I learned nothing useful from this video, but this comment section helped me a lot educating myself.

    1. Hi Mohammad. Sorry to hear our video hasn’t been useful to you. But good that you could get some knowledge from the comments section. Maybe our written reviews give you the information you’re looking for:

      If you like, you can also take a look at our side-by-side comparison table:

    1. Hi! I have to say, we haven’t tested the mobile apps specifically. But from what I can see you can do more with Shopify’s app as it even lets you create an online store as well as manage it. With WooCommerce you can “only” manage it. But I guess for most users this will suffice. The ratings are similarly good 4.5+ stars.

  5. Because if not shopify will charge hefty transaction fees of up to 2%. The selection of payment provider is huge and it’s unlikely you can’t find your preferred one woocommerce: 2:18

    1. Hi there. I think part of your comment might be missing ;): But I assume that you’re saying that Shopify charges an additional transaction fee for payment transfers, whereas with WooCommerce, you can use any kind of payment provider that you want, without having to pay this extra fee. This is partly true. Indeed, Shopify charges an additional transaction fee (2% (Basic Shopify), 1% (Shopify) and 0,5% (Advanced Shopify)) when you use a third-party payment provider. However, there is also Shopify Payments, Shopify’s own payment gateway. If you use this, you won’t have to pay an extra transaction fee to Shopify.

  6. Can I use word fence with Shopify? Please let me know asap. I’ve tried to google but can’t find any helpful answers 🥺🙏

    1. Hi Koko. Since WordFence is a WordPress plugin, specifically developed for WordPress, I don’t think it’s possible. I mean, you can add custom code with Shopify, so there might be a way, but I’m not convinced. If you want to be 100% certain, I recommend you to contact Shopify’s customer support directly.

  7. I’m starting to watch it now, do you want to see that it’s another one that is going to say that it is not sure

    1. @Rick Olsen Hi Rick, well on the other hand there are also thousands of massively successful stores on Shopify. It really depends on how bothered you are about the technical challenges that come with WooCommerce. If that’s not a dealbreaker for you, then, by all means, go for WooCommerce!

    2. @Tooltester wordpress is super confusing I swear I bought a nice theme now and I’m having trouble handling it and translating it to portuguese, it’s just that I have been a month on it and have learned a couple of things and I love to know that I have the control over my own thing. I’ll try for this week and if google merchant still picks on me I’ll move onto shopify then. thanks for the advices

    3. ​@Rick Olsen Hi Rick. I see your point. WordPress can be quite challenging at first, when you’re a beginner. If you’d like to switch to Shopify because of that, I’d understand. Regarding your issue with translating your website into Portuguese – I don’t know if you’ve done that already, but you could install a translation plugin for multilingual websites. There are several ones on I wish you a lot of success with your project!

    4. ​@Tooltester thanks my friend, you realy help a lot, I’m having trouble now on inserting payment method icon on the footer, I can’t find a theme that supports that, it looks like it´s a native feature of woocommerce, so that the problem is on the theme, can you tell me which one is better for woocommerce and the icon on the footer is native of the theme? The problem is that google Merchant is suspending authomaticaly ecommerce without that icon and it seems like nobody knows how to insert that, and only applying the image doesnt work as google only reads a certain code that validates the authenticity of that icon. I’ll have to forcebly go to Shopify now, because of this, after spending a lot of time learning and money with elementor pro and hosting I find that woocommerce looks very defective.

    5. ​@Rick Olsen Hi Rick. I’ve just checked on and they have a plugin for implementing a custom payment gateway icon for WooCommerce. Just look for it in their search bar. I hope this helps you with your issue. Kind regards

  8. I still choose wocommerce! Too much restrictions with Shopify and too expensive, they literally eat in up to 10% of your revenue as payment for their so called services 😬 that a tithe and they’re not God 🙄

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