My Website Site Management Setup WPReset, MainWP & WP Vivid Backup Pro
Whether you desire to backup your WordPress website, move to one more web server, swiftly established up a hosting website, set up several plugins as well as styles at the press of a switch as well as a lot a lot more.

My review of the devices I make use of to do those extremely jobs as well as far more every day need to open your eyes to the opportunities available.

Do not leave your internet site monitoring to opportunity, obtain an effective WordPress Backup as well as upkeep established in position today!

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Take your WordPress web site as well as abilities to the following degree!

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Whether you desire to backup your WordPress website, move to an additional web server, rapidly established up a hosting website, set up numerous plugins and also motifs at the press of a switch as well as a lot a lot more.

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28 thoughts on “My Website Site Management Setup WPReset, MainWP & WP Vivid …

  1. Hi! Love your videos. I have had some problems earlier with Code Snippets crashing sites. Will WP Reset be any help in those kind of scenarios?

    1. it should help out if core files have been edited or corrupted. It will compare files, etc., and reinstate any altered files to get the site back up and running. You can also choose to disable plugins, reset the admin, etc.

    2. @WPTuts Ah. Thats helpful, but you can only access the settings via the actual website using WP Reset, right? So if the entire site crashes, it wont be as effective, but I see alot of advantages using this plugin.

    3. @Kristoffer Nygård no, you can use the Emergency Recovery Script to access ANY WordPress site, regardless of whether WP Reset was/is installed or not. It is a totally standalone feature.
      Check out this Webinar from one of the developers to get a better idea of how it all works:

  2. Using infinite wp, amazon s3 with whm backup plugin. Your setup looks way better

    1. I used InfiniteWP for some time but found it a bit flaky with updates, especially trying to get the child plugin to update on the remote sites. I’d often end up having to do each one manually and that was a PITA.

  3. Good to see the best tooolzz by pros.
    With MAINWP, I found that the best thing to do is when specifically using a single PC, is to have in the HOSTS file the IP address to access the main control site, and the HTACCESS file disallow ALL other IP’s to access other than your specified IP address
    With Hosting, best to have it in a Sub-Domain BUT inside another folder instead of all the setup the main public_html so would look something like this ( and obviously all the security plugins needed.
    This I know and tested many times and basically nearly 99.9% undefinable by anyone, especially when in cPanel security settings in place like (Disable_File_Browsing) etc….
    Soon I will have a system setup for people to purchase a whole setup to manage their client sites at a reasonable price way less than what MAINWP are giving, and have their own piece of mind they have their own tools, all of MAINWP tools.
    Still getting their:

    Luv ya Paul, check yr FB msgs,,

  4. I appreciate the content you are putting out just used your code. What Hosting company do you suggest???

  5. Hello, do you not recommend the wp mu-dev panel? I always see recommendations about main wp, manage wp but rarely about wp mu-dev, aren’t they good?
    I am researching a lot before choosing, I already have wp-reset and I love it, but I would like you to help me choose the panel, please.

    I have a tendency to go to wp mu-dev, the service looks good and so do the reviews, but I would like an indication from you that you understand better about it, thanks.

  6. A plug for, it’s been working well for me and my client sites.

  7. Hello Paul, great video 😀 iIf the autoback up in wp vivid pro is on and you use mainWP to do an update, does wpvivid do a backup before the update?

  8. How can I use MainWP and WPVivid in conjuncture? So if I do some plugin updates via MainWP , how can I be sure the WPVivid does its job of backup first?

  9. Hi Paul, thanks for the video.
    I am using MainWP too but having problems with the “Advanced Uptime Monitor”. Adding a Site via MainWP always shows the message “Please select at least one Alert Contact”. So I have to add sites on the uptimerobot website manually. Don’t you have such a problem?

  10. Thanks Paul for sharing the tools you use to make our lives easier. Can you recommend a video on how to migrate a domain over to SiteGround without breaking the email. Although I find the SiteGround support team very helpful, I have on several occasions asked a question and been led to believe a process is very simple only to find it’s quite complex and encountered issues after paying the fee. I can not risk approaching them directly with this question and being told “yes of course we can help you migrate” only to discover that they have broken the client’s email set up. I am redesigning my client’s entire website on a test & dev domain I use. After I migrate the domain & email over to SiteGround I will upload the new website. My main concern is my client’s email setup and ensuring they don’t lose any emails. Can you help guide me please.

  11. Hey Paul can you install main WP on flywheel as a standalone, would you recommend ?

    1. You should be able to do that and it would certainly add an additional level of security. 👍

  12. Hello Paul. After you promoted this setup, I went straight for it. However, both the combination pCloud + WPVivid and pCloud + WPReset are creating issues for me..

    My WPVivid backups seems to be causing more and more fails over time, with plugin-update-backups failing all the time now for some of my sites. The people on both teams dont seem to be able to really help me (already went for multiple tickets, still not working properly)

    WPReset simply does not let me connect more than one site to pCloud. As their support told me:
    Unfortunately, pCloud is not allowing more than 1 access token anymore, so as soon as you connect the new website, the old token is invalidated 😕

    So I am wondering, are you still using this setup? As it seems quite unreliable to me…

    1. Hey Jip, that’s disappointing to hear you’re having issues.

      Yes, I still use this setup but generally fall back to Dropbox for client based backup cloud storage and pCloud for my own personal storage.

      I generally only use WPReset to handle testing sites that I’m installing different themes and plugins on.

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