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  1. Love you man I really learned a lot from you thanks, sir. Kindly make a live session.

  2. You convinced me 🙂 – just picked up a few codes via your link. Thank you for making such honest, detailed and informative reviews and tutorials.

    1. And thank you for your support. :0)
      I hope you’ll find the plugin as useful as I have.

  3. Successfully restored my account using *TEOHACK0 on instagram* his fast and legit

  4. Unfortunately I missed out on this AppSumo deal. Damn. I thought I had purchased it. Damn 2. Will the free version delete your Media or would that have to be done manually?

    1. The free version does a lot, but the reset is partly limited in comparison with the Pro version.

  5. I am trying to recover my site and see WP RESET was used to deactivate All of the plug-ins but the files are still there. Can I just go in to the WP dashboard and reactivate the plugins or do I need the recovery script to bring everything back Even though I am not the originator of the WP license used to deactivate the plug-ins? Is a snapshot required for recovery of a WordPress site? I do not have a snapshot. If I purchased the pro version and got a license, is it possible for me to restore everything? I am new at WordPress so please bear with me.

  6. SNEAKOUTCLOUD on Instagram and Twitter recovered my lost websites and data💯

  7. Too many joy in my heart because *SLIVERHAČKZ* on 1G and his team make me smile with bunch of succėssful works, thanks once agaiń

  8. Thank you so much, Paul for a great overview video. I am still wondering what’s the subtle difference between WP Reset and backup/migration tool like UpdraftPlus. I mean I understand all the tools that come with WP Reset, but if we have a snapshot that we could restore to that snapshot point, why would I use a tool like UpdraftPlus especially for backups? 🤔

  9. So much respect 👆🏽for how much positivity you put out while going through jobs! I wish you all the best mate, you deserve it.

  10. So much respect 👆🏽for how much positivity, you put out while going through jobs! I wish you all the best mate, you deserve it.

  11. Yes” after so many attempts, finally I got access to my account via this Dude; you’re a true legend!.✊

  12. If i don’t recommend the name above☝️then i must be ungrateful: I just want to say a very big thanks for recovering my page!.🥲

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