Regardi ng the great Ni’mat (Bounty) of sleep, Allah Ta’ala says in His Kalaam: “And We made your sleep a method of relaxation. And We have made the evening a drape (masking the earth in darkness of tranquillity)” (Surah Naba, Aayaat 9 and 10)

In many different locations within the Qur’an Majeed Allah Ta’ala speaks about sleep. Truly, the Divine Bounty of sleep is certainly magnificent, but we now have taken it with no consideration.

Many of us have abused this bounty of sleep, particularly the youth. Youngsters – girls and boys – squander their time within the darkness of the evening in futility and even Haraam. Digital devices/screens, shopping the online, watching on-line movies and movies, watching sports activities, enjoying on-line video games, or simply chatting with individuals on numerous social media platforms are among the issues the youth get entangled in, within the darkness of the nights which in turns makes them sleep move midnight. All of this on the unimaginable value of both risking the efficiency of their FARDH Fajr Salaah or lacking it completely.

Islam and the Sunnah of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) haven’t left us ‘at the hours of darkness’ relating to the evening. A Muslim ought to endeavour to spend his / her evening the Sunnah manner with a view to achieve most profit. For certainly, there’s nothing however profit in following the Precious and Golden Sunnats of our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

Even the Kuffar have benefitted from our lifestyle which we now have misplaced – the way in which of the Sunnah of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Thus, we discover a saying in English which reads within the following related phrases, ‘Early to mattress, early to rise, makes one wholesome, rich and clever.’

Analysing this saying:

The ‘early to mattress’ is from the Sunnah, as Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) taught the Ummah to retire early to mattress after Esha Salaah which is able to make it simple upon one to awaken for at the least Fajr Salaah. And this (awakening for Fajr Salaah, particularly in summer season) is the very subsequent a part of the saying which is worded as ‘early to rise’! If one awakens for Tahajjud Salaah then what may be mentioned! Subhaanallah!

The Sunnah additionally proves the final a part of the English saying, viz. ‘makes one wholesome, rich and clever’. A Hadith Shareef makes point out of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)’s Du’a for the early mornings of the Ummah. Read the next Du’a to see what a beautiful boon it’s to awaken early and to start out one’s day early:

“O Allah! Bless my Ummah within the early a part of the day.” When Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) would ship out an expedition or military, he would ship them out within the first a part of the day. The narrator of this Hadith himself was a dealer and used to ship out his items within the early a part of the day. As a outcome, he turned rich and possessed a lot wealth. (Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Ibn Maajah)

This brings to thoughts one other saying in English which reads as follows, ‘The early chook catches the worm’. And exactly does the Hadith Shareef prophesize this! Starting one’s day early – which can not simply be achieved if we squander the evening in futility and Haraam – will earn one Barkat within the actions we do. Opening one’s store early, going to work early, or for the housewife to start out within the kitchen early will see Barkat within the work. And beginning early can’t be simply achieved if we sleep very late!

Some of The Golden Teachings of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) relating to the evening are as follows:

  1. Retire early to mattress after Esha
  2. Awaken for Tahajjud Salaah and have interaction in some Nafl, Du’a, Zikr and Tilaawat
  3. If one can not awaken for Tahhajud, at the least make an intention to take action
  4. Perform one’s Esha Salaah (for males) with Jamaat. This will earn one the reward of Ibaadat of half the evening.
  5. Perform one’s Fajr Salaah (for males) with Jamaat within the Masjid. This will earn one the reward of Ibaadat for the second half of the evening
  6. The above two factors will earn one the reward of spending your entire evening in Ibaadat!
  7. Sleep with Wuzu. An individual retiring to mattress within the state of Wuzu is protected by particular Angels your entire evening. When he/she awakens in the course of the evening and makes Du’a, his Du’as are accepted. Such a persons’ Rooh goes to the Arsh of Allah Ta’ala the place it makes Sajdah earlier than Allah Ta’ala. All this for sleeping within the state of Wuzu!
  8. Walking to the Masjid (for males) within the darkness (i.e. Esha and Fajr time) will give one good and full Light (Noor) on the Day of Qiyaamah.
  9. Avoid and abstain from Samr after Esha. Samr is translated as ‘to talk within the evening’. This means to interact in futile talks, jokes, reveals, and so forth. after Esha. One ought to keep away from all forms of ‘panchaat’ (ineffective discuss) after Esha as it will result in sleeping late thereby having difficulties to get up for Fajr Salaah.
  10. To recite the Masnoon Surahs – Surah Mulk, Surah Sajdah, and so forth. earlier than retiring to mattress. Also, to recite Aayatul-Kursi and the three Quls and to blow on oneself earlier than sleeping.

The Ulama have talked about that spending time with one’s household (spouse, youngsters and oldsters) after Esha is permissible supplied one doesn’t get entangled in any Haraam actions.

Sleeping early after Esha is bodily wholesome which the docs might allude to. Experts counsel that the perfect sleeping-time hours are the hours slept earlier than midnight. The highest quality of relaxation is achieved by the physique within the hours of sleep earlier than midnight.

Our beloved Rasool (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) for whom our lives could also be sacrificed already taught the Ummah about this by making it a Sunnah to retire to mattress early after Esha! Engaging in futility, which incorporates jokes, comedy reveals, movies and films, screen-time, and so forth. until late-night, is damaging and detrimental to at least one’s religious well being and bodily well being. Late sleeping at evening contributes to the empty Masaajid Fajr time!

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