Learn FOR FREE how to make a professional website using WordPress, Elementor, and free stock images. Making a WordPress website has never been easier. In a few hours, you can create your own website using the free tools WordPress, Elementor, and the Blocksy theme. In this tutorial, I will show you every step of the way. Get a Domainname and Webhosting: Create a Converting Blogpost: With WordPress, we can use a theme and a page builder to create a website. We will use the Blocksy theme. The best free WordPress theme out there. I will show you how to create an advanced and intuitive header that looks great on all devices. We will also create a footer and style all the pages of our website. We will use the Elementor Page Builder to create the content for our website. Elementor is a Drag and Drop Page Builder. You see the result at once. I will show you how to create professional pages with good-looking designs for your (clients) website. We will make use of free stock images so your website will look amazing! After watching this tutorial you are able to create amazing websites and even start making websites for a living. I have heard from dozens of people that they are making websites for a living after they started watching my videos. Overview With Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 07:37 Get A Domain name And Webhosting WordPress 15:10 Install WordPress 16:22 Make Your Website Secure 17:29 The Frontend And Backend Of Your WordPress Website 18:18 Configure Your WordPress Website 25:47 Confirm Your Domain 26:49 Turn Off Auto Cache The Blocksy Theme 27:56 Download The Blocksy Theme 32:01 Create A Menu With Pages 00:40:36 Create A Header Using The Blocksy Theme 00:44:46 Global Colors 00:48:09 Give Your Website A Site Title Elementor 00:51:11 Download Elementor 00:53:40 The Basics Of Elementor Create Your Homepage In WordPress And Elementor 01:03:36 Create The Hero 01:06:56 Global Fonts In Elementor 01:20:02 The Shape Divider 01:22:48 Entrance Animations 01:23:57 Mobile Responsiveness 01:27:37 Adjust an Elementor Element 01:31:40 Containers In Containers (Flexbox) 01:38:42 Adjust Images In WordPress 01:43:25 Adjust the Width Of Your Website 01:45:27 Duplicate Containers and Adjust The Look and Feel 01:51:52 Hide On Mobile, Tablet Or Desktop 02:02:12 Create A Form In Your WordPress Website Blocksy Header 02:13:40 Adjust Colors 02:14:04Configure Your Blocksy Header 02:17:45 Make Your Header Sticky 02:20:20 Make Your Header Transparent 02:24:38 Mobile Header Elementor 02:31:13 Be More Efficient In Elementor 02:45:41 Save Your Design As A Template 02:48:47 Download My Pages For Free 02:47:46 Import Elementor Templates Portfolio / Case Studies 02:51:50 Create a Portfolio Blog 02:53:11 Create Posts And A Blog Archive The Homepage 02:55:25 Add Case Studies and Blogposts To Your Homepage The Footer 03:03:17 Create The Footer Using The Blocksy Theme Follow Up 03:16:52 What’s Next?

21 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2022 | Beginners Tutorial

  1. Hi Ferdy, thank you for an amasing guide, i am now on the bloksy after 2 hours. why dont my header show buttons like yours do? when you put a button there no show and also my menus does not show either, i realy hope i dont have to start again

    1. Hey! I don’t know why you have another result. You followed the instructions step by step?

    1. You are welcome! I wish you the bestvog luck with your WordPress website! 😊

    1. @Ferdy Korpershoek WordPress and Elementor. Maybe i did it wrong, but I wasn’t being allowed to download the Elementor Plugin without upgrading my WordPress.

      Elementor didn’t let me link to WordPress through their website without also upgrading. Any ideas? thank you

  2. You just lost me!! There’s no CUSTOMIZER on my screen! How come you have a customizer and I don’t?

  3. Amazing content, amazing teacher what else do we need ?? The tutorial was 3h long but I felt like it was only 30 minutes !!! Thanks ferdyyy

  4. Please I visited your website, but I didn’t find contact page to reach you. Please how do I contact you?

  5. Thank you for such an awesome guide, just finished designing my website with the help of this video.

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  7. Hello Ferdy, Greetings of the day. Awesome, simply awesome video content on website creation for beginners. i have a query , query1.If I want to write my blogs in two languages simultaneously i.e. English and Hindi, can I do that? If No, what is the alternative to it?

  8. I really like how you explain everything so clearly, its interesting and fun to watch.
    If i am a absolute beginner and thinking about to create a great website and also a forum, wich tutorial would you recommend that covers everything that is up to date to create a website & forum site? This one? Got about 160 usd to spend on it, is that enough? Is it possible for the forum to generate some add money if possible? Thank you.

  9. Hey Ferdy, good morning, please am working on a site but i wanted to add a page preloader and can’t figure out how to add it. I have created the file but don’t know how to. I will be grateful hearing from you. Thanks

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