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How to Make an Agency Website using WordPress and Elementor 2022
Subscribe Here: WHY DIGITAL AGENCY WEBSITE? I know the “Digital Agency” term is kinda broad. So let me just give you some idea about what type of websites you can create by following this tutorial. You can create “A Web Design Agency Website”, “SEO Company Website”, “Facebook Ads Agency Website”, “Consulting Business Website”, “Logo Designer or Graphic Designer Website”, “Content Writing Services Website”, “Freelancer’s Portfolio Website” OR any kind of “Business Website”! And, in this tutorial, I won’t be using any templates. So there’s no boundary. After watching this tutorial, you can design any type of website for yourself or for your clients. ⏰Timestamps for creating a PORTFOLIO website step by step ⏰ 0:00:00 Overview 0:06:39 Get your Domain & Webhosting (70% OFF) 0:14:25 Install WordPress 0:17:21 WordPress Dashboard Settings 0:24:28 Install Required Plugins & Theme 0:29:09 Create some Empty Pages 0:33:07 Elementor Fundamentals 0:48:40 Make Website FAST using Templates (Optional) 0:52:48 Create Home Page from Scratch using Elementor 01:57:44 Make Website Responsive (Mobile/Tab Supported) 02:15:47 Create About Page from Scratch using Elementor 02:40:49 Create Services Page from Scratch using Elementor 02:56:52 Create Single Services Page from Scratch 03:18:36 Create Contact Page from Scratch 03:25:13 Create a Contact Form 03:43:36 Create a Blog Post 03:49:49 Customize Single & Blog Post Page 04:00:16 Customize Header & Footer (Logo, Menu, Favicon) 04:00:52 How to make a Free Logo 04:16:18 Final Preview All Pages 04:18:52 Congratulations!! You Made It!!! Thanks for Watching! ✅ Get Domain & Webhosting(70% off): ✅ Get Jimency Template: ✅ Get Elementor PRO:
—————————————————————————– About: 10 Million+ website owners started using the Elementor page builder. I’ll show you the easiest way how you can create your personal resume website using Elementor Page Builder yourself. #wordpress #elementor #agency If you’re searching for how to make a website, how to make a professional website from scratch, how to create a WordPress website step by step, WordPress tutorial for beginners, best website making course, Elementor tutorial for beginners – then this tutorial is for you. —————————————————————————– —————————————————————————– Like me on Facebook: And, lastly, If you want me to build your AWESOME website at an affordable price, ✅ You Can Contact me through my website:
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