How to Make a WordPress Website for FREE – WordPress Designing MasterClass 2022 – Elementor & Phlox Theme ★ —– Important Links —– ★ * A2Hosting — * Images & CSS Codes Download — ————————————– ☑ Watched the video! ☐ Liked? ☐ Subscribed? ————————————– ☑ Instagram — ☑ Twitter — ☑ Facebook — ————————————– 00:00 Introduction & Demo Website 08:09 Best & Fastest Hosting 20:18 Installing SSL & WordPress 23:19 Basic WordPress Settings 27:18 Installing Phlox Theme & Plugins 32:26 Creating Home Page 37:05 Hero Section Home Page 51:14 Download & Edit Free Pro Stock Images 59:16 Advanced Absolute Positioning 01:08:14 Adding Entrance Animations 01:13:35 Home Services Section 01:23:31 Counter Section 01:27:52 About Team Section 01:33:09 Creating Portfolios 01:42:25 Testimonial Section 01:46:57 Creating Blog Posts 01:51:03 Making Website Mobile Friendly 01:56:14 Creating About, Blog & Contact Pages 02:02:01 Menu & Custom Header & Footer 02:58:28 More Customization Options Note: Some of the above links are Affiliate Links, Which Means I earn Some Commission through that Which helps me Keep Making these Free Videos for You. #wordpress

19 thoughts on “How to Make a WordPress Website for FREE – WordPress Designing MasterClass 2022 – Elementor & Phlox

    1. Sir I have Downloaded from here but still its not working…The plugins are disabled…

    2. @Toqeer Ahmed might wanna find another option, downloading others plugins is VERY dangerous, There could verywell be ANYTHING in the code, just be careful

    3. Thanks so much for this Tutorial, please I’d like to know if this theme is stable and wont break from time to time.

  1. Hello Nayyar, Thank you so much for such a helpful tutorial. I watched the full video and followed along. As a beginner, I have been having a hard time understanding all the elements and features of Elementor. Thankfully, I found your video, and it helped me understand them within a few hours of practice. Thanks a lot!

  2. Brother please make blogging + affiliate website with this website layout, then the website look outstanding, i want to create Bloging+ affiliate website with this design which you shown in the video, this design is completely out of box 🎁🎁..

  3. Bro this gona solve my problem
    दोस्त ये मेरा समस्या हल करने वाला है। 😁😁😁

  4. Hello Nayyar,
    can you give me your drive link where I can have this website export file please🥺🥺❣
    Its a humble request.

  5. Its awesome for beginner, but how can i create those layout externally? did you create externally ? or its a WordPress code that you export.

  6. hi nayyar , i am n new travel agent , and tried to make a website , by following your vedio , but am unable to do so , if you dont mind , can i ask you , how much do you charge to create a webite , like the above one

  7. Hi such a good video, I am having a problem though, when I try to install the contact and about template appears a 403 error that I dont know how to fix it, also it appears when I try to plublish the Depicter slider, you know how to solve this problem? Thanks!

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