It’s hard to beat having a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered right to your door. Even better perhaps, it’s hard to beat the look of surprised bliss on your loved one’s face when they’re handed the bouquet. And while flowers may be ranked among the biggest cliches when it comes to bank holidays like Valentine’s Day, sending someone a beautifully arranged bouquet to mark a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion is still near-universally regarded as a touching gift. But even if there are no major events on the calendar, buying flowers for that special someone “just because” sometimes is the best reason of all. That said, there are so many florists online to choose from. Which are the consensus best flower delivery services overall?

The best flower delivery services will ensure your recipient receives their bouquet exactly when you intended, and that they get a healthy, long-lasting selection. After all, flowers prompt a spike in happiness for many people, and science has proven it. In a 2005 study, 147 participants were sent a gift of flowers, a candle, or a fruit basket. Results showed that participants who received flowers were not only happy upon receiving their gift but also reported better moods days later. While it’s not yet fully understood why flowers deliver a mood boost, it can be wonderful to reap the benefits!

Nowadays, there are endless options for flower delivery services. If you’re on the hook for a last-minute birthday gift, many companies can whip up a beautiful bouquet and deliver it, card in hand, before the day is done. Or, if you’re looking to be your own florist, there are many services that bring farm-fresh stems straight to your door. Studies show that gardening lowers anxiety and boosts mental health, and when you’re short on time and a watering can, trimming stems and arranging blooms could be a great way to defrost your green thumb and beat those winter blues. 

Whether you’re sending a loved one a thoughtful gift or just looking for a coffee table bouquet, flower delivery services bring the florist straight to your doorstep. With so many options on the market, StudyFinds is here to help you choose the perfect one for you. We visited ten expert websites and compiled this list of the five best flower delivery services. From straight-off-the-farm freshness to lightning-fast delivery, we’ve found it all. If you have your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below!

The List: Best Flower Delivery Services, According To The Pros

1. Bouqs

Our top recommendation has been heralded all across the internet for its wide variety, eco-friendliness, and long-lasting bouquets. “They are still as bright and cheerful as they were the day after,” says one tester at Good Housekeeping. Their notable freshness is perhaps due to their meticulous sourcing from “eco-friendly farms around the world that recycle water, minimize waste, and use sustainable growing practices,” notes Oprah Daily

According to Vogue, “the best thing about Bouqs’s flower subscription service is undoubtedly the flexibility.” With multiple plan options and pay-per-stem pricing, Bouqs has the perfect pick for you, whether you’d like 10-16 stems once a month or 30-45 stems a week.

2. Urban Stems

Next up in our roundup, Urban Stems boasts a wide selection of modern floral arrangements for same and next-day delivery. Their focus on seasonal blooms makes them a top pick for New York Post, where they say, “since bouquets change with the seasons and what is currently growing on partner farms, the seasonal arrangements are always perfectly bright and fresh when they arrive at your home.”

“The sleek modern bouquets are what set this service apart from the rest,” claims CNET. Noting their “unique blooms and contemporary colors,” CNET testers also appreciate Urban Stems’ easy online ordering, on-time delivery, and impressive and enjoyable selection of add-ons including chocolate and candles. “[Urban Stems’] stylish arrangements were the most beautiful, the freshest, the most well packaged, and the easiest to order,” writes New York Times.

3. BloomsyBox

If you want fresh, botanical garden-worthy flowers regularly brought to your door, BloomsyBox is the pick for you. With 10 different subscription options, you can choose a plan that’s just to your liking. “While most nationwide flower delivery services offer two to three subscriptions at most, BloomsyBox has 10 different plans to choose from, including a ‘Pet-Safe Blooms’ box and a monthly eucalyptus subscription,” says The Spruce.

BloomsyBox stands out among competitors for its start-to-finish involvement in every single flower. Notes Vogue, “This company sets itself apart with its structure; BloomsyBox is vertically integrated, which means they grow, farm, distribute, and deliver all its bouquets.” Their farm-fresh flowers add a favorable pop of color to any space. “I’m two bouquets into my 3-month subscription and so far, everything has been stunning. It’s a nice treat each month when I get an email in my inbox saying my bouquet is on the way,” says Business Insider.

4. 1-800-Flowers

A familiar name for many, 1-800-Flowers is certainly not to be overlooked. Their wide selection of flowers and add-ons can have a gift worth celebrating at your loved one’s door in record time. Worried you might be buying a bouquet that won’t make it there in time? “Its website even displays how much time you have left to order to ensure your flowers get delivered on time,” notes Oprah Daily.

Second only to their rapid deliveries, 1-800-Flowers is also regarded as one of the most budget-friendly options on our list. “There are hundreds of reasonably priced arrangements to choose from,” says Real Simple. “1-800-Flowers has solid deals on flowers if you’re trying not to spend a fortune. We found flower bouquets on sale from this popular delivery service, including two dozen roses starting at around $30,” adds CNET.

5. Farmgirl Flowers

For flowers that look individually selected and freshly picked off a California farm, look no further! “Farmgirl Flowers sets itself apart by offering most of its bouquets in biodegradable upcycled burlap coffee sacks and sourcing a selection of its blooms from domestic flower farms,” says Vogue. And if you’ve ever been overwhelmed by options when ordering flowers, Farmgirl Flowers takes the work off your plate. “You won’t know exactly which flowers you’ll get but that’s half the fun,” Vogue adds.

“Every bouquet is slightly different, giving it a special, unique feel,” writes Business Insider. To add to the unique and organic look of each and every Farmgirl Flowers bouquet, they wrap the stems with eco-friendly burlap made of recycled coffee sacks from local roasteries. “Its signature wrapping helps reduce unnecessary waste while giving the arrangements an earthy yet elegant look,” says Money.


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