Inspired by the superior Herculean doughnut and the discussions that creates we’ve used the idea that can assist you talk about and agree obligations together with your stakeholders. The objective right here is that can assist you transfer your stakeholders in the direction of a partnership mindset over pondering of your staff or groups as a provider. We hope nearly all of submit its to finish up within the center (everybody) house.

When to make use of this?

Trouble together with your stakeholders not serving to the staff out and treating you as a provider.

Starting a brand new piece of labor or mission and wish to set up who’s liable for what in your stakeholder and staff relationships.

How to make use of it?


  1. Draw a big doughnut on a white board (or digital) as under.
  2. Add stakeholder and growth group (Group chosen particularly as we would like the stakeholders and staff to think about themselves as one staff).
  3. Add everybody within the center and no-one someplace outdoors the circle.
  4. Write a submit it word for every of the next:
  • Is accountable
  • Orders the Product Backlog
  • Resolves blockers
  • Takes motion
  • Creates transparency
  • Suggest product enhancements/options
  • Engages with customers
  • Reports progress
  • Decides what to do
  • Challenges
  • Actions danger responses
  • Discovers
  • Understands the worth of a function
  • and any extra you suppose would allow you to talk about and agree

5. Buy some doughnuts for the session and be sure you embrace that there will probably be doughnuts on the assembly invitation.


Introduce the session one thing like: We are right here to debate and agree how we work collectively, the purpose right here is to go away this session with a set of agreements as to how we’ll work as stakeholders and growth group in partnership to ship xx.

Hand out the doughnuts!

Explain how the doughnut works, with every part, ask the staff in the event that they wish to add extra sections or change labels and accomplish that as acceptable.

Hand the deck of submit its to somebody, ask them to learn the primary submit it word out and encourage them to position it on the doughnut the place they suppose it needs to be. Encourage the group to debate and transfer based mostly on the group dialogue. Encourage disagreement.

Continue via the deck till there are non left. Ask what else and add submit it notes as neccassary.

Get everybody to signal it upon leaving the room encouraging them to abide by these agreements sooner or later.


Print out footage or show the actual model in your staff house or across the workplace to maintain the doughnut seen and in peoples minds.

Customise me

It is necessary you customise this to your context, please don’t deal with this as a template add to this, ask questions, take away some submit its.

Add your personal submit it notes in

Add some extra roles as needed

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