Learn how to create an ecommerce website with WordPress Step By Step! Get Fast Web Hosting: Get Divi: Download Images: In this video, ill walk you through how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress. We will also be using the divi theme which is a very popular wordpress theme thats 100% drag and drop. Important Link i Mentioned: Divi eCommerce Template Kit: Divi Theme Tutorial: Email Customizer: How To Get Traffic And Sales: WooCommerce Tutorial:–KR4qoM&t Here are the timestamps for this ecommerce tutorial Intro 00:00 Demo Website 02:32 Get Web Hosting 18:40 General Settings 25:35 Design Website 28:50 Creating Product 01:10:30 Creating Simple Product 01:13:35 Creating Variable Product 1:20:13 Import Template 01:34:40 Google Maps 01:41:10 Mobile Optimization 01:51:55 Divi Theme Options 02:03:20 Terms and Conditions 02:23:07 Divi Theme Builder 02:34:30 Custom Shop Page 02:45:45 Custom Product Page 02:49:20 Custom Product Category Page 02:57:20 My Account, Checkout, Cart 03:02:12 Live Sales Notification 03:12:10 Custom Thank You Page 03:24:30 WooCommerce Settings 03:28:45 Taxes 03:34:00 Shipping: 03:37:25 Payment Gateways 03:53:00 Outro 04:11:00 Thanks for watching everyone! Feel free to visit my website at

21 thoughts on “How To Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce 2022

  1. Sometimes these types of tutorials are much more helpful than long-term courses. Thank you, Darrel. You do a great job for WordPress beginners.

  2. hi Darrel
    thank you for this gold information and I hope to translate this video and put it in your Arabic channel .

  3. Thank you for this great tutorial!
    Can you do an advanced tutorial on elementor ?

  4. Hi Darrell! When optimizing for mobile… if I create a custom product page, then optimize that page for desktop, tablet and mobile device. Will it apply the optimization to every product new product I add? Or will each page have to be optimized each time?

  5. Hi Darren, your tutorials are really awesome and helpful. Please also make a short one on how to reduce checkout fields for woocommerce.

  6. for your superhero hosting that you’ve subscribed shows on your page the following: recurring charges billed annually $199.36, and your so-called $77.37 (“which is pretty good guys for web hosting” haha) is due today. which means that you will have to pay full price of $199.36 to “prevent any disruption to your services”. what you say, and what you show don’t match.

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  8. I’m lost at 3:09:38 on this time marker about carts. How did we ended up linking the carts or how does it show up via selection of cart to checkout.

    1. When users added product to the cart they can view the carts ones they view the carts they can then go to proceed to checkout.

      If for whatever reason these pages are not displayed it’s because you might’ve deleted them you can re-propagate these pages by going to commerce tools and re-propagate the woocommerce pages.

    2. @Darrel Wilson Thanks for the quick reply. I feel like i skipped a step. The edit before 3:09:38 it discuss about linking the button on the landing page “Account” it was that easy. Why can’t I easily link the products once I click view cart.

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