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23 thoughts on “getting IKEA wardrobes & self care days // week in my life in Dublin

  1. Your videos are really good quality, I hope you get to 1k soon , I’ve just found your channel 🥰 I also make videos, love your accent btw & the puppies 🐶 are adorable 🤍

  2. Hi Jill, love your wardrobes and storage, very clever how you’ve made the room look bigger using the mirror 👍 have a great weekend 🥰

    1. Thanks Sharon ☺️ yes it definitely helps! Can’t wait to extend it into a bigger wardrobe when we move in the future 😋 have a lovely weekend ❤️

    2. @Jill you’ll have even more room for more nice shoes and a prada handbag or 2 😜 thank you, I’m looking forward to the weekend 🥰 xx

  3. I wish I had the patience to organize my closet like that.

    Oh dear…I can imaging the kids being off the walls lol

    1. I also love how you’re living in that green jumper, and it went so well with the shorts at the beginning, so comfy!

  4. Hey gorgeous x I love your outfit today x it really suits you x I want to go to ikea x they always have so many cool things x Thanks for sharing lovely x

  5. Hi furbabies…def twinsies…lol. Ikea has some really cool organizations l love your pick looks great chic and modern. lmao see puppies play fighting so cute! wow are they related to NEwYorkers cause same here its like everyone is angry everytime I go out I get some random curses for whatever reason smh..its crazy.

  6. The shelves looked so good! This is similar to what we need for our bedroom closet! You put everything back so organized! Thanks for sharing!

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