Bullet Train is an American motion comedy that pits numerous killers in opposition to one another whereas driving a bullet practice. In this scene, Lemon has tracked down two individuals (Prince and Kimura) and wishes data. Instead of torturing the 2 of them, he opts as an alternative to put them in a traditional prisoner’s dilemma. He hopes that the 2 can be self-interested and reveal the result he needs.

Prince and Kimura are requested to shut their eyes and both confess or rat the opposite particular person out. Lemon reminds them that cooperation (each elevating palms or each pointing at one another) is probably going a lie and he’ll kill them each. It’s a slight twist on the standard prisoner’s dilemma performed in school rooms, but it surely’s good to see an software of interdependence and recreation concept in films.

Thanks to Liam McDermott for the clip advice!

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