Here are 3 free WordPress plugins that you need to check out for yourselves.

If you want to keep your WordPress database squeaky clean and fully optimised – check out WP Sweep.

If you want to add code to your website without fear of crashing it – Code Snippets.

If you want to get in and customise your theme beyond the WordPress customiser – Microthemer Lite.

All 3 of these free WordPress plugins are worthy of inclusion in your toolbox.

WP Sweep: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sweep/
Code Snippets: https://wordpress.org/plugins/code-snippets/
Microthemer Lite: https://wordpress.org/plugins/microthemer/

00:00 – Free WordPress plugins
00:16 – WP Sweep
02:47 – Code Snippets
06:26 – Microthemer Lite

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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17 thoughts on “3 FREE WordPress Plugins You MUST TRY!

  1. Must be the first time I am ahead….or is this a repeat??😇Well I am ahead on two, you are a bit late with Microthemer, I have just hand css-ed my WooCommerce….looks very interesting indeed.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Please make videos on creating websites with Bricks Builder from simple websites to advance websites like listing websites…

    You have always been my inspiration..

    Hope you will keep guiding me.

    Be safe , healthy and happy..

    With warm regards,

    Vivek Kumar ( Dehri On Sone , Bihar , India)

    1. @WPTuts There are many reasons:
      There are more code classification options: js, php, css, text, universal, etc.
      The js codes can be created in an external file.
      It includes conditional options to execute a code, for example geolocation, roles, cookie, etc.
      It has a Youtube channel with some examples: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxOg4XzLe5kX1bP2YP4TTfQ
      It has a pro version… when I have had a problem the service has been good.
      Overall has more features and support than Code Snippets

  3. Your videos really helped a lot, all videos are masterpiece. I need your help.

    I want multiple pricing setup on my products, like one is normal product pricing, but then there is some special pricing for the customers who want store pickup or advance payment, every product special price will be different so therefore can’t use certain percentage discount.

    Please help me how I can do that, thank you.

  4. WP Sweep is an absolute must for anyone using Elementor because Elementor automatically creates several backup versions/drafts of a single page that get saved in their database. Before I was using the plugin, I was finding that Elementor was getting progressively slower with loading and saving large pages. It eventually stopped saving pages altogether. Turns out, I had (if I recall) nearly 5,000 page revisions built up since my site’s creation in 2018 (including the backup copies). So now I try to sweep the revisions once a week to keep things running fast on my end.

  5. – well just another awesome videos from your site.

    Keep up your awesome channel – it is definitly a great channel..
    Hats off to you it really inspires me!! 😳♥♥♥

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