Question: Please touch upon the World Cup which is going down in Qatar. The following are among the factors I’ve been made conscious of via which Muslims are getting trapped into viewing the World Cup as a way of propagating Islam, Dawah, and many others.:

  1. Quran Sharief was learn within the opening ceremony.
  2. No alcohol is allowed on the stadiums.
  3. No LGBTQ associated beliefs and assist allowed on the stadiums.
  4. Approximately 600 folks embraced Islam to this point.
  5. Etc.

Answer: Shaitaan is the supervisor of ALL world cups of all variants – not solely the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar. Shaitaan can also be the supervisor of ALL Kuffar sports activities of all types, even those performed at ‘Muslim’ faculties. Shaitaan is the ‘mastermind’ behind your complete sports activities trade. Through sports activities, he has achieved his objective of inflicting folks to lose their Imaan! This is when sport lunatics and fanatics take their heroes (zeroes, in actuality) as function fashions, gods, idols and whilst a faith. We have heard of Muslim sport supporters passing away whereas chanting away the names of sport heroes, calling them their idols and gods earlier than respiration their final!


One won’t fail to conclude that sports activities of all types stays Haraam merely by making use of ones thoughts. Much Haraam is related to sports activities and world cups ‘behind the scenes’! Match fixing, playing, alcohol, suicide, rioting, and many others. are all half and parcel of the toxic spew of Shaitaan referred to as SPORTS. Remember the next Mubaarak Words of our beloved Rasool (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), “Every sport of a Mu’min is Baatil…”

Regarding the factors you will have talked about, the next are our feedback:

  1. Just just like the Qur’an Majeed can’t be learn on the opening of a Haraam liquor-den (tavern, pub, bar), or on the opening ceremony of a on line casino, so too is it Haraam to learn Allah’s Kalaam at a Haraam soccer world cup stadium through which nudity, music, hooliganism, and many others. is the decision of the venue. Banning a factor or two (alcohol, LGBTQ) on the stadiums doesn’t make the sporting occasion ‘Islamic’, nor does it give justification for the recitation of Allah’s Pure Kalaam the place Kuffaar collect, the place nude ladies behave in distinction to the Qur’an Majeed’s Demands relating to ladies, and the place music blares.
  2. For a Muslim and a ‘Muslim’ nation, alcohol is just not allowed in a single’s whole life. Banning alcohol on the world cup stadiums and thereby getting impressed as to how the legal guidelines have been made that conform to the ‘Islamic tradition’ of the internet hosting nation is just not a trigger for any pleasure. Yes, had the ‘Muslim’ nation refused the internet hosting of your complete occasion of Shaitaan – the world cup – within the first place, that would have been a trigger for some hope, greater than pleasure. This is as a result of by refusing to host Shaitaan’s cup (the world cup), one might hope it to be a stepping stone for different Shaitaaniyat to be pushed out of such a rustic. Merely internet hosting a world cup by a ‘Muslim’ nation opens the doorways of alcohol to be introduced into such a rustic. Whereas, an accurate and correct Islamic nation would demand NO alcohol to be allowed within the nation, neglect simply outwardly ‘banning’ alcohol at Haraam stadiums. Rather, a correct Islamic nation wouldn’t even have allowed to host the Haraam FIFA world cup within the first place!
  3. LGBTQ with no matter and nonetheless many extra queer alphabets and queer meanings it could have, is forbidden and branded as Haraam within the Qur’an Majeed. The whole episode of the folks of Nabi Loot (Alaihis salaam) underlines the gravity of this LGBTQ motion. Doom and Hell awaits such inhumane actions and beliefs. There is just not speculated to be any pleasure when the internet hosting nation referred to as for limiting the LGBTQ motion through the world cup interval. This is a fundamental Imaani side. The conclusion of level quantity 2 is absolutely relevant right here as properly.
  4. Even if 1,000,000 folks have accepted Islam, however the means for this was by way of Haraam means, then this holds not a lot weight! Our current Akaabireen, the likes of Allaamah Yusuf Binnoori (Rahmatullahi alaih) was completely in opposition to TV and pictures – sadly, among the college students of Hazrat in the present day have casted a deaf ear to this stance and Fatwa of Hazrat and are gone ‘to city’ with their movies taken within the title of ‘Deen’! During one of many remaining Bayaans of Hazrat, which was so touching and heartrending, the folks commented that if such an exquisite Bayaan was broadcasted on TV, many extra folks would have benefitted. To this Hazrat replied that by one individual accepting our message which we ship in a Halaal means is much better than many extra accepting our message which was performed via impermissible and Haraam means. This is the reply to this hype manufactured from counting the numbers of what number of have embraced Islam as a result of internet hosting nation’s efforts, and many others. An individual who is de facto honest in accepting Islam and in search of the Straight Path will certainly be guided by Allah Ta’ala. He might be guided in direction of a Masjid, or to an Aalim, who will then assist him turn into a correct, appropriate and Baa-Amal (training) Muslim and Mu’min, Insha Allah.

In abstract, your complete world cup is definitely amongst Shaitaan’s misleading methods and baits to lure us into turning into his ardent followers. While persons are making a noise of the ‘good’ that has come out from the world cup, why have they casted a blind eye and a deaf ear to the wrongs and evils via the Haraam world cup?

The following ought to be questions we should ask:

  1. Have the Masaajid turn into emptier or fuller because the begin of the world cup?
  2. What is the roll of Musallis within the Masjid Esha time and Fajr time?
  3. What is the roll of Musallis for Salaah with Jamaat within the Masjid through the instances the soccer matches are performed?
  4. Have Muslims elevated their every day Tilaawat and Zikr because the begin of the world cup, or have catching up with scores, matches and stats turn into the brand new ‘Tilaawat’ and ‘Zikr’ of sports-Muslims?
  5. Have Muslims turn into extra acutely aware of dressing within the style of the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), or has the foolish style, kits, logos, hairstyles, and many others. of soccer gamers turn into the brand new ‘speak of the city’?
  6. Have Muslims fallen even deeper into the main sin of pictures/videography by watching matches on numerous channels resembling TV, web streaming, and many others.?
  7. Have Muslims turn into extra alert and attentive, and have paid extra respect to the Azaan by replying and studying the Masnoon Du’a after Azaan and by bodily responding to the Azaan by continuing on time to the Masjid (for males), or have the Azaan fallen on deaf ears because the consideration of the ears are directed to scores, matches, and many others.?
  8. Have the roll of the Masbooqeen (late-comers for Jamaat by lacking Rakaat/s) elevated on account of these Muslims who do come for Salaah, however are coming late for Jamaat Salaah by lacking a Rakaat or two on account of finishing the next or watching of the sport. As it’s, every day, previous to the Haraam world cup, there have been and are late-comers to the Masjid for Salaah. Some of them are the ‘anchor late-comers’ identical to how one has ‘anchor tenants’ letting (renting) premises and properties. Now, as a result of curse of the world cup, the roll of late-comers have elevated considerably, or decreased?

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