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🕐 In my WordPress Automatic Plugin review video, I show you my traffic stats for 1 year since using this WP automatic plugin. I also provided a quick WP Automatic Tutorial overview. It is very easy to use and quite reliable as seen in my video after a year. I set up the WP automatic plugin once, and left it alone for 1 year, and it still works without any updating at all.

WP Automatic Review rating 4.75 / 5 ⭐
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36 thoughts on “WordPress WP Automatic Plugin Review + Tutorial 2500 Visitors Free Organic Traffic

  1. Will you please explain how to use the cookies section to log in to the site that I need to scrape?

    1. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the scraping feature with wp automatic plugin. You’ll have to ask the developers for guidance.

  2. Thank you for sharing some great information. I am wondering if you would still recommend this product? Is there a reason that you would cancel a traffic producing website?

    1. Google adsense do not accept 100% automated blog sites. What you can do is use autoblogging with custom content creation. Or not use adsense and use other ads like amazon ads or other affiliate ads.

    1. @HowToWebmaster This plugin has many bug issues, it wont grab YouTube Videos and don’t believe the fake videos that say its a good plugin. I Contacted support but they were of no help. Don’t waste your money on this plugin many of the feature they advertise are not included in the price you have to pay extra $$. This plugin is very misleading. If you fill you got taken, i would ask for your money back or get a chargeback for a false advertised product.

    2. ​@Yoga Do I’m surprised that they are not able to help you. I see that they are still very active in the support forum at codecanyon. Still have 5 star reviews from thousands of customers. But anyways, there are no products with 100% satisfaction.

    3. @HowToWebmaster They said if i removed my comment on codecanyon they”d refund my funds, i filed a chargeback instead. I got my money back in less than 12 hours. My comment is still up.

  3. Hello Guys I want to check you websites after you used WP automatic plugin. Please comment down below your Website URLs! thanks

  4. Your plugin WP Automatic is awesome. Also from time to time i am using e-scraper – to scrape all eCommerce data from my competitors what is I need for my WooCommerce store. Maybe it would be useful for someone else.

  5. I know this is an old post but I wonder – would these types of sites work with adsense?

    1. If you include your own unique content then possibly adsense can approve your site with the autoblogging.

    1. There is an option to disable all links with the scraped posts. You’ll have to look for it in the campaign setup or check documentation.

  6. thank you my friend, Is there a solution, the feed contains 25 posts, to become unlimited

  7. Why my WP automatic didn’t work on my bluehost account for wordpress, it was showing keyword error when I tried to pulled the campaign from clickbank, how to get it fix?

    1. This is a question for the developer, you have to contact them for support in this matter.

  8. I have a problem with this plugin. Sometimes it’s extracting half the post with missing details.
    What could be the problem. I import news feeds from Google.
    Help a brother

    1. Bro, sorry for late reply. It is best to contact the plugin developer directly for support questions. I’m not able to help troubleshoot this.

  9. Do you know how to setup latest WP Automatic to read the reddit post flair and set the new wordpress post to the corresponding post category? Thinking make a campaign for each post flair, set to category and then ignore other posts unless has regex keyword but not sure how to set it up.. any assistance appreciated

  10. I have a website approved by google adsense, I want to add this plugin to my site. Is google adsense going to punish my site and adsense account because of this?

    1. You can use this plugin along with adding in your own unique content like 50/50. If you use this plugin 100% of your content, adsense may ban your site.

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