Here is a way you can massively skyrocket the conversion rates of your eCommerce website – by implementing a Live Chat feature. Your site visitors can easily ask any questions they have about one of your products, and you can respond in real time.

This really does help the selling process in a massive way, I am sure you have seen big companies that have Live Chat on their website, and there is a good reason! We are going to use a free professional Live Chat platform called Zopim.

Free Zopim Account –

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01:03 – Introduction and Login to Zopim
01:56 – Setting up and Customizing the Live Chat Widget
07:29 – Adding the widget to your website
09:58 – Live Demo of it working!
12:15 – Advantages of a paid account


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29 thoughts on “WordPress WooCommerce – INCREASE SALES – Add Live Chat to your eCommerce Website (Zopim)

    1. +Rat Finder Great question, and yes you definately can!! It is installed in exactly the same way. Paste the Zopim code in a widget somewhere, for example in a ‘Text’ sidebar widget.

  1. Hi, I set up a domain with your tutorial over a month ago, but now I want to change the name, is it possible? when I ask hostgator it seems too complicated for me to follow. Would like your help with this one thanks very much.

  2. Hi, Great Tutorial. I have implemented it and subscribed your video too.
    But i need to modify like auto pop up the chat window if the customer is browsing my web site. How to do that. It will be great help if you answer.
    Thank you

  3. thanks to you i now own website even an ecommerce site, i appreciate you sir. please is there a way to add refferrals plugins to my online site (like giving out loyalty to customers) also i cant see the opim link here

  4. Do u offer Website building ? I need to refine my website and needing some help 🙂

    1. +tammie carbohn Also, I was looking for a GOOD plug in for BACKING UP my wordpress website. What do you use? Thanks again

    2. +tammie carbohn Google Analytics would be the best.. and for backups I suggest ‘Updraft’ or ‘Backup buddy’

  5. hi, can we just ask the customer given us name and email.  Can the phone option be deleted.  Reason I am outside US.  I cant called them due I am still got other things to do.

  6. Dear sir,
    I am using WordPress and theme is Sydney. I unable to use this LIVE CHAT. Please let me know how to edit in pluglins

  7. ็Hi emediacoach , thank you very much for your nice and easy to follow tutorial, i enjoy every VDO of yours, i have a small request i wonder if you could do a dating site tutorial using WP and the plugins available, Thanks and thumbs up

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