Learn how to make a Woocommerce website in 2019 with this Step by Step walk through tutorial for Beginners


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In this video, I will be showing you the different things you need to do to set up your Woocommerce store.

1. Buy a Domain Name (1:41)

2. But Hosting (1:57)

3. Link Domain and Hosting (4:08)

4. Install WordPress and Woocommerce (5:17)

5. Setup Woocommerce (7:42)

6. Advance Features (16:21)

Below are the six steps that you will go through in setting up Woocommerce:

Buy the Domain Name
You can go to GoDaddy or Namecheap to get your domain name. For your domain name, remember to keep it short, easy to spell and easy to remember. It’s also a plus if your domain name includes keywords. A keyword is something that a user enters into Google to find your company.

Choose a Host
Once you have purchased your domain name, you need to choose a company that is going to host your website. Although Woocommerce is free, it is not free to host a website. You need to host it yourself or pay someone to host it. I personally prefer Siteground. It is one of the three companies that WordPress themselves recommend to be used for hosting WordPress. It is also cheap and offers SSL Certificate.

Install WordPress
This is the easiest thing to do. You can install it with just one click. It used to be very difficult but sites like Siteground have made it easier.

Install Woocommerce
Once you’ve installed WordPress, you need to go into the backend and install Woocommerce. It is free and very easy to do.

Set Up a Payment Provider
The next step is to find a payment processor. This is a system is going to process all your payments. You can use PayPal and Stripe.

Create Your First Product
Once you’ve set up the payment processor, it is time to add you first product. You only need to add the product title, description, images and price. Make sure that you also design your site so it looks good.


Tools I recommend:
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29 thoughts on “Woocommerce Tutorial 2022 with Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. Hi mate, thanks for the video, I’ve got a question: do we have to pay for woocommerce through siteground? or is it included in plan for free?

    1. Hey man! WooCommerce is a free plugin in WordPress but you have to pay separately for hosting.

  2. I can’t get PayPal Payments plugin to work. I am using php Version 7.2 (verified) but the plugin keeps giving me an error that I am using 7.033 and that I need to upgrade to version 7.1

  3. Hey I’m new to woocommerce and WordPress ,quick question, I have a word press site with woocommerce plug-in My site was developed by a professional company. I recently took over the site management and decided to set up a woocommerce my site already has a theme going how do I enabled woocommerce to show up on my existing site Using my existing theme if this makes any sense to you

    1. Hey there! I’m quite confused with your question. Do you mean you set up a different woocommerce plug in from the one that was created by the company you hired?

  4. so if i am based in UK and i want to dropship worldwide what should i type in store based in .. ? USA or UK ? Thank you love your videos !!

    1. Thanks for watching, Kristijan! I actually don’t recommend dropshipping so I don’t think I’m the best person to answer that.

  5. Great tutorial Tranis. I have one question for you. What about mobile optimisation for the site? Or does Woo do that automatically?

    1. Hey Paul! There are themes that are mobile-friendly but I would recommend doing it yourself so you can fully optimize your site for mobile.

  6. So, what will be the total cost for all the basic plugins? is it still more economic than shopify?

  7. I would help if you would change your mouse pointer to be a big red ball or a big red arrow to make it easier for people to follow. I had to continuously rewind the video because I could not see what you were doing and where you were pointing, especially since you are moving at breakneck speed.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! You can also adjust the speed of the video if it’s too fast for you.

  8. Great video explaining how to set this up. Why is the website now auto-directing to an amazon listing? Why did you decide not to use WooCommerce for selling the cards?

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