Buying a Used Small Camper Van what they cost now and what they were when New. Small Camper Van prices and how much money would you have lost in today’s prices.We look at Romahome,Nu Venture,Autosleeper,Autotrail,Denby and VW Camper. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans.

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What’s Up Next VW Campervan will you Pick ? – Cost of Buying a Used Campervan – New or Used Motorhome Layouts – Motorhome and Caravan Auction – Cost of Buying a Used Motorhome – Solar Panels for Motorhomes – And make sure you subscribe to my channel. Come say Hello Twitter Looking to Buy a Motorhome off us check out our website. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans.
We Buy Campers
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21 thoughts on “USED CAMPER Van COST ! When Buying New and NOW

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    1. For van to convert, I ended up buying a “new/100miles” van. The diff was $2000 vs 100K Miles/3-4years.

  2. So presumably, when the pandemic ends and people start travelling abroad again for their hols, flights & hotels, there will be a glut of used unwanted motorhomes flooding the market, so the prices will fall sharply, just as they have risen sharply because of the pandemic

  3. I looked extensively over 2 years ago to getting something like an Autosleeper Symbol , i was struggling then to find the money
    for a good used example maybe around 2003 ish , i wanted the 2002 onwards 2.0 litre HDI engine much nicer than the old 1.9.
    Now it is a totally unrealistic dream , because of demand everything is overpriced for what it is , i’ve given up on the dream …..

  4. Here in the U.S., the prices are beyond ridiculous. Even the used sprinter vans, not yet converted to a camper van, sell for more than double what I paid for my house back in the 1990s. Campervans, used, three times what I paid for my house. New, more than four times what I paid for the house.

  5. How will the whole debate diesel is evil and petrol is bad for carbon footprint affect the market price in next 3 years, e motorhome is that a realistic future, and government taxing the hell out of them year on year

  6. If I could stand having my brother with me for a few days then the autotrail would do it for us both and my dog and cat. Even when we were younger and the both of us had motor bikes my brother was up dressed and away by 7am but I preferred a brew first, anyhoo as you Jason know the average bridge height is 11ft 6 and I’m paranoid about having to take bloody awful detours and maybe it’s all in my mind but I’d imagine as beautiful as the family motorhomes are I’d be doing a lot of detours but like be said I’ll even post a fiver of my brother’s money to you if say nice things about Kevin for a whole video report

  7. Ahh this is just sad. Dashed my dreams of owning one. I can’t be paying prices like these. I thought there would be much cheaper options.

  8. Truthfully Jason that had I the means to do so I’d get the Peugeot Hilo because of the reverse folding roof as my daily driver and an autotrail 600 D for weeks away, none the less another great video

  9. Really useful video thanks! I was unsure if £25k was too much for a 2009 nu venture surf, seems it’s about right? Reassuring that they hold their value too. I won’t wait & see if prices fall in a year or 2 … think of all the weekends away I’ll be missing! Live for the day ❤️

  10. Where is your company based we would like to have a look around like I said were looking to buy one!

  11. Hi, like you’re chanel. Be good to know exactly this info, but for now (June 22). Did the craze die down?

  12. Many folk would’ve financed them, get into too much debt, realise they’re not able to work from home and on the go all of the time, realise covid-19 is basically gone (according to government) and go into a recession. The first thing to go will be the camper… many cheap deals to come in my opinion.

  13. To be fair, the Autotrail V line for £48k brand new is a good price. Considering you have. A fixed bed, small lounge, and wash areas. Most decent cars nowadays starting in the £40,000 range

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