The shaky, motivational tower of Babel –

A brief, insightful sport to evaluation motivational results and their influence onto us.

Coins sorted by dimension

I take advantage of this sport inside my “Ikigai” presentation. In there I discuss motivation, the 4 areas of intrinsic motivation and how you can foster the interested by that matter. The coin Sort Game or tower of Babel -as some name it- is impressed by the facilitation mechanics of the identify sport by Henrik Kniberg.

First Step – Gather Suggestions

I ask the attendees: “Imagine you have been requested by a buyer to encourage their group -stupid, proper?-.
However, what actions may you do, which motivational levers may you identify?”

Gather all of the given concepts (regardless of how shocking they sound) onto a flip chart. Try to collect round 8-12 issues right here.

Poster together with a whole lot of completely different motivational solutions

The coin tower

Next, ask each participant that you just want a very powerful factor from them: Their cash!
Everyone ought to attempt to get 6 cash out of his purse, ideally in various sizes.
Ask them to do the next: “On your palm, type the cash in dimension not worth, from the biggest coin to the smallest coin.”
“Everyone’s finished? Great! Now type them from the smallest to the most important coin. But not by flipping the entire tower, however one after the other.”

When everybody understood the core mechanics, inform them that you’ll insert some competitors (ideally, you even received it as a suggestion within the first half). They must do that sorting as typically as potential in a given time. You are involved in whose the quickest!

Count down “3,2,1” and share a broadly seen timer to everybody of quarter-hour…

The reactions

Typically, you will notice 4 completely different teams

  1. The doubter
    They don’t begin the train and can take a look at you a bit puzzled.
    They shall be skeptical if you happen to as a facilitator are a bit dumb, otherwise you actually don’t worth their time. Endure their stare. 🙂
  2. The fast thinker
    He/She will even not begin the train, however will almost definitely take a look at you with a smile.
  3. The “Misreader”
    They will begin the train and kind the tower like 5 to eight occasions till they have a look onto the clock once more to see that it’s not 15 seconds, however quarter-hour.
  4. The persevered
    If you don’t cease them, they might do the train for the entire quarter-hour! After 2-3 minutes, cease them.

It shall be onerous for you as a facilitator to endure the scenario and the puzzled faces. Endure it! In this particular second, so much is occurring within the thoughts of the individuals! In some faces, you may even see the training journey of these 2-3 minutes.

The aftermath

After you stopped all of the individuals, take the motivation poster once more and undergo all of these gadgets and ask if they might do this very same job if you happen to give them these motivational elements!

gummy bears all you’ll be able to eat? ⇾ NO
4 days per week as an alternative of 5? ⇾ NO
the supervisor praises them daily? ⇾ NO
a wage of 120k $ per yr in the event that they do that job for the remainder of their life? ⇾ Most in all probability NO
if this repetitive job may save lives? ⇾ Hmmm… Now it will get attention-grabbing.

I take advantage of this train to now head over to Ikigai and the motivational elements of on a regular basis life. An simpler transition can be to discuss “objective, significance and achieveability”.

I hope you will have enjoyable utilizing this train. If something is puzzling, be happy to succeed in out 🙂 [email protected]

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