Seerah Jalsahs – Attempting To Dismantle Islam In The Name Of ‘Seerah’!

Question: Very quickly, a seerah-jalsah is happening in Lenasia. Kindly remark whether it is advisable to attend this 12 months’s seerah-jalsah?

Answer: The explicit Seerah Jalsah in query is referring to the one hosted by students who’ve a liberal and fashionable background – all of which is recorded and documented. Thus, the Seerah Jalsah is completely Haraam to attend. Don’t waste your time, nor danger the misrepresentation of the Correct Seerah by attending the so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’ hosted by people, organizations and Masjid/s that stood agency on the anti-Shari’ah and anti-Seerah protocols of the atheist authorities throughout the 2020 covid SCAMdemic.

The following factors clear our stance on why we proclaim it impermissible to attend, pay attention, ‘watch’, comply with, assist and/or contribute in the direction of the so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’ in any means in any respect:

  1. In final 12 months’s ‘Seerah Jalsah’, Haraam and un-Islamic factors had been made in emotional tones.
  2. The Correct, Pristine and Genuine Seerah of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) does NOT endorse or acknowledge any of these un-Islamic factors made (in final 12 months’s so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’).
  3. Any Muslim ought to open the books of Seerah and examine the Ta’leem of the Genuine Seerah to the preaching eventually 12 months’s ‘Seerah’ operate.
  4. The audio system eventually 12 months’s so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’ – a few of whom are once more given the platform this 12 months – are students whose talks are synchronized to that of the federal government. They had been doing the ‘soiled’ work of the federal government throughout the covid-craze. They had been just like the puppets of the federal government. Every protocol of the federal government and much more than that, they endorsed and enforced. See for your self within the covid-PLANdemic as to what the identical ‘Seerah Jalsah’ audio system stood for in comparison with what the Ulama-e-Haq stood up for! Who represented the Sunnah, Islam and the Seerah and who misrepresented the Sunnah, Islam and the Seerah?


  1. The similar ‘Seerah Jalsah’ audio system supported the closure of each Masjid of South Africa!

5.1) They even supported the court-case on this regard!

5.2) Some among the many audio system commented concerning the Pure and Blessed Masaajid as to be the ‘sooooper-spreaders’ of the covid illness!

5.3) Even the Posture of Sujood wasn’t spared when feedback had been made like ‘in case you make Sajdah (on the Masjid’s carpets) you’ll be a goner’!

5.4) They attacked the Qur’an Majeed by eradicating Allah’s Pure Kalaam from the cabinets of the Masjid to forestall the ‘unfold’ of covid!

5.5) They closed the Wuzu Khanahs and requested Musallis to sanitize (often known as SATANize) their fingers when getting into Allah’s House!

What Seerah could be learnt from such audio system?

  1. This 12 months’s so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’ has comparable audio system to that of final 12 months. Any sane Muslim will perceive the hurt, harm and destruction that was prompted to the Deen, Sunnah and Seerah in final 12 months’s ‘Seerah Jalsah’. Remember, a MUMIN doesn’t fall into the identical gap twice! Thus, the ‘Seerah Jalsah’ of the TV-Molvis isn’t a program to attend for Mu’mineen.


  1. After final 12 months’s harm that was prompted to the Deen on the ‘Seerah Jalsah’, the Ulama-e-Haq spoke out and educated the Ummah the proper model of the inaccurate factors made on the ‘Seerah Jalsah’ below the guise of ‘SEERAH’. This exhibits that the SEERAH is used to create and type a ‘new Islam’! Hence, each honest Muslim and Muslimah ought to watch out for such threats to 1’s Deen.


  1. The whole so-called ‘Seerah Jalsah’ is streamed by way of HARAAM and accursed means reminiscent of movies. How can one be instructing ‘Seerah’ in a fashion concerning which the severest Azaab is sounded by Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)?


  1. It is an crucial side when it comes to Islam to study one’s Deen from dependable sources – Ulama who’re synchronized to the Haq. Hence, abstain from attending such features and Jalsahs the place modern-minded students preach whereas being videoed and try and subtly intervene within the Laws of the 1400 12 months outdated Golden Deen of Islam.


Hazrat Ibn Sireen (Rahmatullahi alaih) mentioned: “Knowledge is certainly a part of your faith. So watch out as to whom you settle for your issues of Deen from.” (Muqaddamah of Muslim Shareef)


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