Want to create an eCommerce store and make money online? Check out my Step-By-Step WooCommerce Tutorial 2020!

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0:00 – Intro: What is WooCommerce?
0:24 – Overview of tutorial
4:10 – Step 1: Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting
8:55 – Step 2: Install WordPress
11:18 – Propagation

Website Setup
13:26 – Step 3: Secure Your Website
15:28 – Step 4: Change Your Site Title & Tagline
17:50 – Step 5: Activate a New Theme
19:17 – Step 6: Important a Template Site
22:38 – Install WooCommerce

Creating First Product
23:23 – Step 7: Create a Simple Product
35:06 – Create Categories & tags
40:44 – Adding a Review to a Product

Creating Other Products
42:05 – Step 8: Create a Variable Product
49:53 – Step 9: Create a Digital Product
54:56 – Step 10: Create a Downloadable Product
59:13 – Step 11: Create an Affiliate Product
1:03:15 – Step 12: Create a Grouped Product
1:13:27 – Step 13: Set up Upsells & Cross Sells
1:16:03 – Step 14: Create a Filter By Price Sidebar

Customize Your Site
1:20:09 – Step 15: Customize Your Shop
1:23:58 – Adding a policy page
1:25:29 – Creating site Logo
1:31:40 – Customizing Homepage

Payments & Backend
1:43:31 – Step 16: Setup Payment Methods
1:57:21 – Step 17: Setup Coupon Codes
2:07:39 – Step 18: Setup Shipping
2:12:01 – Step 19: Manage Orders
2:14:14 – Step 20: Add Products to Homepage

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18 thoughts on “Step-By-Step Woocommerce Tutorial | Create an eCommerce Store 2020

  1. Thanks Dale for the great step-by-step. I had a couple of questions remaining however. I’m not sure if things have since changed regarding the shortcode to create a “sale” area. But it differs from your video. Currently if I change the word “featured” into “sale” I see all of my listed products appear. Any solution?

    Also theme colors, I’m trying to change the “on sale” sticker color but I can’t seem to find where the option to change the color would be. Thanks!!

  2. Your explanation is very.clear i was going to make a website but I had a problem with hostigator they are not taking the payment

  3. Thank You! This is a great tutorial! Got me started great. But I started to wonder are some these things already outdated? Appreciate any insight on this matter!

  4. Hi Dale, thanks for the video, it has been very helpful. Please I have a little issue and I hope you can help me. I have stores in seven (7) different states in my country and I want my customers to be able to shop by their location. How do I include such a widget?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Dale, great tutorial. I have one question. On listing a variable product you entered stock level as 50 right at the start. Is there a way of entering each variable items stock level individually. Example been Size L In Red stock x 4 Size M in Red stock x 2 etc etc

    1. Yes you can! You need to click on the little “Manage Stock” check box that you can see when I am individually setting price and SKU numbers for each variation. You have to open each variation by clicking “Expand all” like I do and you’ll see the check box on the top of each variation.

  6. Hi. How do I customize the e-commerce website to base it on my country (Philippines)? I want to know how I could integrate PH currency, shipping locations, and payment options into my website. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

  7. I am not in the US and cant work out how to change the checkout page, from ZIP codes and the drop down to my own country UK, where we dont have states

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