Six on Saturday: Excuses

It had not rained a lot here since 1982. Consequences of such excessive rainfall were the priorities at the office. I neglected to procure images of horticultural topics as the first of the problems associated with the weather conditions began to develop two weeks ago. I had been unable to transmit new images last week because associated with disruption of telephone service. Now that I am able to share brand new pictures, I find that several are redundant to some which i posted two weeks ago, plus none are any more horticulturally oriented than a few incalculable logs and an hidden redwood tree. Well, a minimum of they demonstrate why I had been too busy to share horticultural pictures upon Six on Saturday.

1. Mudslides clogged a few portions of the major road into town from various times. None of these stayed for long, however they took turns. Shortly right after one got cleared, a different one slid.

2. Sinkholes had been mudslides from below instead of from above, and ruined servings of roads that were not really under mud. I almost dropped the camera right here to hastily grab Rhody.

3. Floods got much deeper than since 1982, plus took trees that were not too young to leave twigs 2 thirds of the way in the right and upstream part of the pillars nearest towards the middle.

4. Logjams gathered some of those trees that would or else be on beaches close to Santa Cruz by now. Ironically, this is a municipal water pumping place across Zayante creek.

5. Fallen trees are especially dangerous within forests from the tallest trees in the World. This one took away about twenty feet from the trail. I will share 2 more pictures of it afterwards.

6. Rhody was worn out from exemplary service in order to his similarly exhausted team through many days of the rainiest weather here since 1982. He is enjoying sunnier weather now.

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