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31 thoughts on “Scrum Master Full Course | Scrum Master Certifications Training | Scrum Master Tutorial

  1. Sunand and team, great show! Quick suggestion – Can we organise the sequence of the video to align with the sequence of the scrum events?

  2. Sir thank you lots zero fee learning. Sir plz create rhe video 🎥🎥 zero to hero in scrum master or pmp

  3. Thank you so much to Career Talk and all the team members for putting all the efforts together in this video. You all have provided the real time training. This is really so insightful and aspiring for us.

    1. Welcome 🙏, please spread the word.if possible share with your LinkedIn followers

  4. Amazing job!!! Can you please share the excel sheet that was used in the velocity estimation?

  5. Hi All.
    In planning proker for a US a dev + tester need to work ..
    So for Dev suppose the estimate is 5 Story point and for Test it is 3 then combining the effort the Story point comes as 8 .
    But in planning porker we give the estimation as individual.

    I know at later part of slide this is called dev + tester as antipattern but in reality it always effort of Dev + Tester to complete a US .

    Kindly help me understand that in planning pker how can we combine dev + tester effort to come up withh Story points as combined

    1. I can suggest you,please buy at least one good book . It will help you in long run .all the best..

    2. @CareersTalk kindly let me know the book name surely I will purchase and study

  6. Really god bless you sir…in every interview I think myself try to say answer to the question but behind that for every answer need to be explain to the interviewer leads us to get a job.that all the stuff I learned in this video…👏👏👏👏

  7. Very nice video. The Role Plays were very much useful. But i have some doubts:
    1. How is product backlog refinement different from sprint planning/grooming? Because in both PO was explaining the story and team was estimating the story.
    2. Do you have any role play video on product backlog prioritization technique as well? How will the PO know which stories to pick up for a particular sprint? If not, do you plan to create a video on it?

  8. This is really such a great and useful for anyone who would start scrum master as their aspiring new role .Thanks to all the participants who have shared their detailed knowledge and experience. It is very much useful for me personally. You initiated and brought up such brilliant and unique video .it is amazing. Thank you is not enough .

  9. This is really Nice videos covering all the topics what scrum represents and good for the people who will be starting his/her careers as Scrum Master

  10. Thank so much for the video, it’s really very helpful, sir i wanted to know I have done diploma and I m doing BCA degree as well, but I have 6 year of experience, will I be eligible for this job as still degree is not yet completed,I m still persuing, please suggest me on this..

    1. @CareersTalk , thank you for the reply, but will company will consider me if I have enough skill and if I m in 3rd year of my degree sir?

  11. Hello sir, I am Pune based mechanical engineer having exp. Of 8 yrs in automotive industry into R&D design coordinator .I took 6 yrs of career break due to personal reasons . Now I want to kick start my second innings in project management and I found it more interesting .plz suggest me if csm would be good enough to start with ? Does MNCs will consider non IT professionals for this role? Waiting for your reply thanks

    1. You can do psm 1 , but remember too much competition in market. certification may help in getting call but nothing beyond. Buy one good book.list Is already there . Eat it( no read) until you have strong foundation you will not able survive foe long

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