Last yr I left Kentor for brand new adventures as an impartial guide. I acquired the Kentor.AuthServices challenge with me, however after all must rename it as it isn’t related to Kentor any extra. So how does one rename a library and nuget packges with 100k+ downloads and customers all around the world? Simply releasing new variations below the brand new Sustainsys.Saml2 identify will depart a variety of customers stale on the final model with the outdated identify. So what I did was to launch dummy packages that kicks off the migration course of.

The final launch with performance within the Kentor.AuthServices identify was 0.22.0. I then did an enormous renaming operation and revealed new packages named Sustainsys.Saml2 with model 0.23. Finally I revealed dummy Kentor.AuthServices 0.23 packages that brings within the Sustainsys.Saml2 0.23 packages and reveals a readme with migration directions.

I feel that that is the least intrusive I can do, whereas nonetheless having folks uncover that the library has been renamed. Updating nuget references needs to be a part of the event cycle, so I hope that folks will discover this.

The migration directions are included in a readme that will probably be robotically displayed on set up.

Update: The readme is displayed robotically usually, however not all of them. If doing a bulk replace in visible studio by checking a number of nuget packages and choosing to replace them, the readme mechanism isn’t used. It’s not a lot I can do about it and I hope that anybody encountering points due to that can flip to google, discover this put up and work out what must be carried out.

Project Renamed to Sustainsys.Saml2

The Kentor.AuthServices challenge has been renamed to Sustainsys.Saml2.
Anders Abel, the maintainer of the library has left Kentor and the library
has been transferred to his new firm Sustainsys. It continues to be the
similar library, with the identical maintainer, simply with a brand new identify.

The up to date new packages have been introduced in robotically for you, however some
changes should be carried out. If you reasonably wish to revert to the final
Kentor.AuthServices package deal and don’t do the rename now, please see additional down.

Updates Needed in your Project

  • The namespace of every thing is now “Sustainsys.Saml2”, so usings should be up to date.
  • The configuration ingredient in internet.config is now named sustainsys.saml2.
    • Update the config part declaration to <part identify="sustainsys.saml2" kind="Sustainsys.Saml2.Configuration.SustainsysSaml2Section, Sustainsys.Saml2" />
    • Rename the <kentor.authservices> tag to <sustainsys.saml2>
  • The default ModulePath is now “Saml2”. This will break current configuration
    of Identity Providers. If you relied on the default worth and have configured it
    with identification suppliers, set it to “AuthServices”:
    • If utilizing internet.config, set modulePath=”AuthServices” within the <sustainsys.saml2> opening tag.
    • If utilizing the Mvc package deal, additionally arrange a customized route for the Saml2Controller in your route configuration: routes.MapRoute("AuthServices", "/AuthServices/{motion}", new { Controller = "Saml2" });
    • If utilizing code based mostly configuration, set spOptions.ModulePath=”/AuthServices”
  • In the owin package deal, the configuration API has acquired simplified names. All these lengthy KentorAuthServicesSomething are actually merely named Saml2Something:
    • Saml2AuthenticationOptions (beforehand KentorAuthServicesAuthenticationOptions)
    • App.UseSaml2Authentication() (beforehand app.UseKentorAuthServicesAuthentication())
    • Saml2AuthenticationMiddleware (beforehand KentorAuthServicesAuthenticationMiddleware)
  • Remove all Kentor.AuthServices.* packages out of your resolution.

Reverting to Kentor.AuthServices

If you reasonably need to revert to the most recent Kentor.AuthServices launch and never replace to the brand new library proper now, observe these directions. Note nevertheless that there will probably be no updates/patches/safety fixes to the Kentor.AuthServices package deal so you need to actually go ahead with altering to the brand new packages.

To revert:

  • Preferred approach: Use supply management to undo modifications.
  • Manual approach: Downgrade to Kentor.AuthServices 0.22.0 and take away references to all Sustainsys.* packages.

To create the nuget packages, I wrote new nuspec information, that I full of nuget pack. This is the principle Kentor.AuthServices package deal. It comprises a handbook reference to the brand new Sustainsys.Saml2 package deal and a reference to the readme.txt that’s robotically proven by Visual Studio.

<?xml model="1.0"?>
<package deal >
      SAML2 Protocol library for ASP.NET. Don't reference this straight, use one of many API modules: Sustainsys.Saml2.HttpModule/Mvc/Owin/AspNetCore2.
    <copyright>Copyright Kentor and contributors 2013-2018</copyright>
    <tags>SAML2 authentication AspNet SAML SSO</tags>
      The Kentor.AuthServices library has been renamed to Sustainsys.Saml2.
      This package deal is empty, however will set up the brand new package deal.
        <dependency id="Sustainsys.Saml2" model="0.23.0" />
    <file src="readme.txt" goal=""/>
</package deal>

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