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24 thoughts on “Pricing Oil In Gold Is “Inevitable” | Luke Gromen

    1. 27:00 – Very unnatural to force John and Mike to agree with Luke who has been wrong all year.

      Please stop shoehorning bad guest ideas, and treating them as equals with new harbor. It’s highly unprofessional.

    2. @Lights & Stars Could you explain what Luke has being wrong about? And what John and Mike had said differently in the past? thanks

  1. I’m so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I’m a single mother living in Melbourne Australia, bought my second house in September and hoping to retire next year at 41 if things keep going smoothly for me…….

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    4. I am surprised that this name is being mentioned here, I stumbled upon one of her clients testimonies on CNBC news few weeks ago..

  2. Saudi is building SOR facilities in China and filling them. They are building a oil field above ground.

    1. WRITE ME 👆💯


  3. Dementia Grandma Yellen, on the economic chopping block, suggests as a “twist”….refinance your 2% 30 year fixed home mortgage to a 5 year variable with an initial 4% interest rate mortgage? This IS her solution…would you do this transaction for your household re-fi?

    That’s the financial strategy of the US Treasury….any insights? Ahem The FED is insolvent with a mark to market $1.2 Trillion Balance Sheet LOSS and $100 Billion operating cash flow loss with current 7% inflation, unprecedented for 109 years…THE FED IS BROKEN = DOH!

    I’m a major financial textbook outlier with significant cred, but US zero risk liabilities now have default risk. Lance etal better woke up and analyze this in his next article?

  4. No, oil will never be priced in gold. No currency will ever be priced in gold. No gold rubles, no gold yuan. You know why? Because no country will ever allow physical redemption, thus making it a promise to pay supported only by “hopium”. You collapse-a-tarians are a hoot.

  5. As a business owner, we’ve seen $25,000 less in income this year. That’s a 20% decrease from last year. But because of how we used the monies, we aren’t starving by any means.

  6. I like how people think holding your crypto keys is solutionl. Not much different than holding a barrel of fiat worth zero. At least you own it right.

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