Own It!: The Organisational Therapy Catechism

As an organisational therapist, I’ve a easy catechism that I adhere to: “The consumer at all times owns the issue, the consumer at all times owns the answer”.

This is a elementary precept in my method to remedy and is predicated on the teachings of the well-known psychologist, Carl Rogers.

According to Rogers, “the one one that can change the consumer is the consumer themselves. The therapist’s position is to create an area for change to occur.” And “the great therapist is congruent, real, empathic, and non-judgmental”.

This implies that as a therapist, I should be genuine, understanding, and non-judgmental when working with purchasers. I have to even be congruent, that means that my phrases, actions, and emotions should be in concord with one another.

This precept is vital as a result of it recognises that the consumer is the skilled in their very own life and has the facility to unravel their very own issues. By holding the house for the consumer to floor their very own experiences, I can assist them to mirror upon the basis causes of their points and discover their very own distinctive options.

For instance, when working with an organisation that’s going through an issue with low worker morale, I’d not provide my very own opinions or prescribe an answer. Instead, I’d work with the organisation to discover the underlying causes of the issue, corresponding to poor management, lack of communication, or an unclear firm imaginative and prescient. By doing this, the organisation can develop its personal answer that’s tailor-made to its particular wants and tradition.

I additionally perceive that the consumer isn’t just an organisation, but in addition its workers and all of the Folks That Matter™. This implies that I select a holistic method to remedy, making an allowance for the completely different views and experiences of all concerned.

In conclusion, my catechism “The consumer at all times owns the issue, the consumer at all times owns the answer” is a key a part of my method to organisational remedy. By specializing in the consumer’s personal experiences and dealing with them to search out their very own options, I can assist organisations to beat their challenges and attain their full potential.

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