In this video, we delve into the soft tissue paradigm and orthodontic exam, including what to look for during the intraoral, extraoral, and cephalometric examinations. Thanks for watching!

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19 thoughts on “Orthodontics | Diagnosis & Treatment Planning | INBDE, NBDE Part II

  1. Thank for these videos. Can you clarify – I thought in class II division is proclined or reclined and subdivision is right or left. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome! And that is correct – division is concerning incisor position and subdivision describes if only one side is affected by the malocclusion.

  2. it is said that swallowing food or water by pushing tongue on upper teeths, will make the upper teeths to come forward little bit.. is this all true? Im having excessive saliva on my mouth and i swallow it every 10 seconds by pushing my tongue on upper teeths.. will it cause it to protrude little bit? Pls reply 😥🙏..

    1. Yes it will probably over a long period of time, it always varies mouth to mouth and a lot of factors are variable. If you’re concerned visit a nearby dentist and just ask.

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