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As we’ve mentioned a number of occasions right here, your key outcomes ought to be outcomes. Outcomes are measures of human conduct that ship enterprise worth. This is what units OKR’s aside from different goal-setting frameworks. We’re not managing to options, or output. We’re managing to outcomes, or measures of behaviors our customers and prospects do in our services. The metrics you select as your key outcomes aid you outline finished and have to be particular and verifiable with proof. 

It’s a share so it’s a superb metric, proper?

One anti-pattern that emerges commonly is groups including in any metric they will give you so long as it has a share. The rationalization is commonly so simple as that. It has a “%” check in it so it’s a superb key end result. Teams typically fail to dig deeper into precisely who is performing the conduct that’s represented within the quantity instantly to the left of the % signal.

We’ll see metrics like, “scale back home-page load time by 80%.” A grocery store firm I labored with as soon as provided metrics like, “50% of merchandise on our cabinets shall be retailer model merchandise.” In each examples the groups had been assured these made for good key outcomes. After all, they bought particular with a quantity. It was associated to the utilization of their “system.” And, effectively, it was a ratio or price – i.e., it had a share signal after it. It seems although, these usually are not good key outcomes. 

Is it the product or the client?

System conduct can look rather a lot like human conduct while you scale back each all the way down to metrics. However, system conduct (what the product/service/software program/system does) is just not the identical as human conduct. System conduct is a function of your product. The metric related to it is usually a function of your service. It helps you establish to what extent you’ll implement that function. It doesn’t, nevertheless, let you know whether or not or not you’ve delivered worth. 

Let’s take one other take a look at the 2 examples from above:

  1. “Reduce home-page load time by 80%” – This is a measure of how briskly your home-page masses. Improving this conduct of your system could be an infinite course of. You can at all times make the home-page load sooner. At what level is it quick sufficient? At what level does it not make sense to spend any extra effort bettering this side of your person expertise? The ensuing human conduct to your website loading sooner is a discount in bounce price. Reducing the bounce price is a measure of human conduct. Bounce price tells you whether or not you’re delivering worth. When it reaches a suitable degree (you determine what that’s) you may cease optimizing home-page load time. This is an efficient key end result.
  2. “50% of merchandise on our cabinets shall be retailer model merchandise” – This one, too, appears like a human conduct at first. In reality, it would probably take people to verify the cabinets are stocked with not less than 50% of our personal merchandise. However, this too is a function of your service. The desired person conduct is a rise within the frequency of same-store visits and in common order worth. Depending on the merchandise you inventory (and a myriad of different components) the chance of somebody coming again to your retailer and spending more cash than final time will differ. The former is a function of your retailer (what merchandise you select to inventory and which manufacturers they arrive from). The latter is an end result. It’s a measure of human conduct and is due to this fact a superb key end result. 

Who does what by how a lot?

To assist keep away from this anti-pattern comply with this simple validation approach for each key end result your crew generates. Ensure every metric can simply match into this template:

[Who] does [what] by [how much]

Let’s attempt it:

[Our website] [loads faster] by [80%] – not a human motion. 

[Our daily users] [don’t bounce off the home-page] by not less than [90%] – a human motion. 

Remember, as we enhance every a part of our system’s performance, we should ask, “What will individuals be doing otherwise if we do an incredible job?” That’s our measure of success. That’s a superb key end result.

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