New Scrum Master Role Considerations

To the group

  • What tasks did the Scrum Master assume for the group?
  • What was the SM function in Scrum occasions?
  • How did the SM mentor/ coach/ train?
  • Are there any current enhancements/ teachings that the SM has been implementing?

To the organisation 

  • What was the SM relationship like with the broader organisation?
  • What had been the enhancements the SM was heading up throughout the enterprise? What had been the current successes/ failures?

In a scaled Scrum surroundings

  • What is the SM relationship with different SMs and groups?
  • Are there any additional assumed tasks in direction of different groups?

Five Conversations (1, web page 93-4)

  1. The situational analysis dialog
    1. How did the organisation attain this level?
    2. What elements make this case a problem?
    3. What sources inside the organisation are you able to draw on?
  2. The expectations dialog
    1. What does your new boss want you to do within the quick time period and within the medium time period?
    2. What will contitute success?
    3. How will your efficiency be measured?
  3. The useful resource dialog 
    1. What do it’s essential to achieve success?
    2. What do you want your boss to do?
    3. Not simply folks/ gear, however assist for change within the organisation
  4. The fashion dialog 
    1. How you and your new boss can greatest work together on an ongoing basiss
    2. Medium and the way usually 
  5. The private improvement dialog (a number of months into your new function)
    1. How you might be doing and what your improvement priorities needs to be

Early wins analysis device (1, web page 129)

Use the ensuing rating from the beneath desk to match candidates for early wins.

 Not in any respectTo a small extentSomewhatTo a major extentTo an important extent
Does the focus supply a chance to make a considerable enchancment within the efficiency of your unit?01234
Is this enchancment achievable in a fairly quick time with out there sources?01234
Would success additionally assist lay the inspiration for reaching agreed-to-business targets?01234
Will the method used to realize the win enable you to make wanted adjustments in behaviour within the organisation?01234


FOGLAMP Project Checklist (1, web page 131)

Tool that can assist you lower via the haze and plan your crucial tasks

  • FOCUS: What is the main target for this undertaking?
  • OVERSIGHT: How will you oversee this undertaking? Who else ought to take part that can assist you get buy-in for implementing outcomes?
  • GOALS: What are the targets and intermediate milestones and time frames for reaching them?
  • LEADERSHIP: What will lead the undertaking? What coaching, if any, do they should be profitable?
  • ABILITIES: What mixture of abilities and illustration must be included? Who must be included due to their abilities? 
  • MEANS: What further sources, such a facilitation, does the group should be profitable?
  • PROCESS: Are there change fashions or structured processes you need the group to make use of? How will they turn into accustomed to this method?

Team choice making (1, web page 193)

  • If the choice is more likely to be extremely devisive (creating winners and losers) it’s essential to take the warmth
  • If your group are inexperienced as construct consensus is unlikely to work and also you danger imposing a choice anyway 
  • If it’s essential to set up your authority (don’t use as soon as you might be established)
Build consensus
  • If the choice requires energetic assist for implementation from folks whose efficiency you can’t adequately observe and management

Framing arguments (1, web page 214 – 5)

Framing means rigorously crafting your persuasive arguments on a person-by-person foundation

Logos – information and reasoned argumentsWhat information or evaluation would possibly they discover persuasive?What logic(s) would possibly attraction to them?Are there biases to which they’re falling prey and, in that case, how would possibly you exhibit this?
Ethos – rules, insurance policies, and different ‘guidelines’Are tehre rules or insurance policies that they may very well be satisfied ought to function right here?If you might be asking them to behave counter to a princple or coverage, are you able to assist them justify making an exception?
Pathos – feelings and that meansAre there emotional ‘triggers’ for instance loyalty or contribution to the frequent good, to which you would attraction?Can you assist them create a way of that means by supporting or opposing a trigger?If they’re reacting too emotionally, are you able to assist them step again and get perspective?

Guidelines for Structures Self-reflection (1, web page 223)

On a scale of excessive to low, do you’re feeling:
  • Excited? If not, why not? What are you able to do about it?
  • Confident? If not, why not? What are you able to do about it?
  • In management of your success? If not, why now? What are you able to do about it?
What has bothered you to date?
  • With whom have you ever failed to attach? Why?
  • Of the conferences you’ve attended, which has been essentially the most troubling? Why?
  • Of all that you just’ve seen or heard, what has disturbed you most? Why?
What has gone properly or poorly?
  • Which interactions would you deal with in a different way for those who might? Which exceeded your expectations? Why?
  • Which of your selections have turned out significantly properly? Not so properly? Why?
  • What missed alternatives do you remorse essentially the most? Was a greater consequence blocked primarily by you, or by one thing past your management?

Potentially Dysfunctional Behaviours

Action crucial (1, web page 48)
  • whenever you really feel too anxious or too busy to dedicate time to studying, and really feel stress to ‘do’ 
  • Leads to a dying spiral 
  • Don’t be taught – make a poor choice and undermine your credibility – alienate folks – they don’t share information with you – begin the loop once more  
Undefended boundaries (1, web page 224)
  • Fail to determine what you might be keen and never keen to do. People will take no matter you must give
  • The extra you give, the much less they’ll respect you and the extra they’ll ask of you – one other vicious cycle
  • If you can’t set up boundaries for your self, you can’t anticipate others to do it for you
Brittleness (1, web page 224)
  • Rigidity and defensiveness, leading to overcommiting to failing programs of motion
  • Finding it laborious to confess you had been fallacious
Isolation (1, web page 224)
  • Not taking time to make the precise connections, maybe overrelying on a number of folks or on official info
Work avoidance (1, web page 224)
  • Choosing to delay work/ selections by burying your self in different work or idiot your self into believing that the time isn’t ripe to make the decision
  • Avoiding taking the bull by the horns, ensuing within the robust issues changing into even more durable
Yerkes-Dodson Law (1, web page 227). Image from Wikipedia

  1. The First 90 days by Michael D. Watkins

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