After penning this kundalini yog weblog so fastidiously for thus a few years (I began it in 2013!), I’ve pulled again from it. The predominant purpose for that is the massive change in my morning apply. Previously, I chased one 40/90/120/1000-day kundalini yoga kriya or meditation with one other. I recorded my kundalini yoga experiences right here. In truth, this weblog has been a diary of my apply, and I’m so grateful to have the house to share this. But I’ve began sharing my apply otherwise – by means of my kundalini yoga YouTube courses.

An entire new method to my sadhana

Nowadays, my morning kundalini yoga apply is extra haphazard. I apply a kundalini yoga kriya and meditation for one or two days, even perhaps for 11 days which appears to be my most. It permits me to savour the flavours, to delight in and familiarise with the energies. Sometimes I’ll circle again to a kriya I’ve achieved earlier than, relying on how I’m feeling. Most typically, I’m compelled to maneuver on and check out a brand new kriya. This is just not the best way I used to be skilled to apply kundalini yoga. In my degree 1 and a pair of trainer trainings, I realized that the best way to do kundalini yoga is thru these prolonged 40-day practices. Well, what can I say – shaktipad!

Kundalini Yoga with Yogigems on YouTube

My haphazard kaleidoscopic morning apply additionally means I’m sharing my kundalini yoga experiences with you otherwise. Recently, I created my ‘Kundalini Yoga with Yogigems‘ YouTube channel. Recording kundalini yoga courses on YouTube pushes me very far out of my consolation zone. I really feel fairly weak about placing myself on the market on this manner. Of course, it’s weak sharing on this weblog, however it is a completely different form of weak. I definitely have a renewed respect for content material creators!

However, regardless of cringing OFTEN, I’ve to recover from myself. There’s extra at stake than my self-consciousness. Kundalini yoga is my life raft. It has seen me by means of the previous 20 years, and it has rescued me time and time once more. And if ever there was a second many people on this loopy world wanted a life raft, it’s now. And so, whereas many people are additionally struggling financially, I really feel compelled to place these kundalini yoga YouTube courses on the market for anybody who wants them.

I hope my kundalini yoga YouTube channel helps your day by day apply. I hope it helps you determine your self in a gradual day by day sadhana, which I’ve all the time discovered to be so useful. Above all, I hope these kundalini yoga YouTube courses encourage you to have enjoyable with these extraordinary, magical kriyas.

Sat nam x

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