I appear to have been on a parallel path with Christine on this subject. The final time my bitch had an erection that was gripped by me was in August. Since then he has not had an erection of any kind besides briefly in mid-November, (not gripped in any respect), however squashed underneath the only real of my shoe for a couple of minute till he spurted his filth. He has not had an erection since and I instructed him in mid-November he wouldn’t be getting an erection till on the earliest, the calendar 12 months of 2023. I instructed him on the similar time that he wouldn’t be attending to cum till on the earliest, 31 March 2023. I’ve since instructed him it could be there might be no erection for him till he does get to cum.

There have been a lot of critical step-changes since August, together with that his thrashings, typically simply because I really feel like giving one, are on a brand new scale of cruelty. I’ve nearly completed Journal 21, (Already), such are the adjustments I want to describe in high quality element.

The mixture of those step-changes AND him being erection-free have introduced me essentially the most sexually satisfying time of my life. Imagine that, after over 20 years of marriage! Many enormous orgasms, arrived at VERY shortly certainly every time. His orgasm-free situation, is combining along with his erection-free state to take away all sexual compensation for his very appreciable struggling and drudgery. I really feel like he’s a REAL slave. I really feel extremely liberated and completely highly effective, and this sense could be very arousing certainly. I couldn’t have imagined the impact the present routine would have on me.

  1. His chastity tube and the technique of ‘torment.
  2. Images of our bodies from the net, identical to mine.

I maintain his little pink chastity tube and I faucet it with my fingernails as I inform him he not has a intercourse organ. All he has is a little bit tube of flesh that transports urine from his physique. I take into consideration this every time I’m reaching an orgasm. And additionally, I inform him I like this new association and he must be very nervous certainly.

He seems to be in essentially the most conflicted frame of mind. On the one hand, it’s clear he’s in awe of me like by no means earlier than. There is little doubt about that. On the opposite hand, he’s desolate and despondent, AND frightened; he actually doesn’t know of what I’m now succesful. (And nor do I !) And he’s so, so, so sexually determined and pissed off!

So I felt the necessity to element the above earlier than offering Christine”s account beneath:

Christine’s account


I wrote this some time in the past and thought you would possibly prefer to publish it. 

When I made a decision David would go erection free, I made up my mind there could be no half-measures and no change of coronary heart. He has been assured that, exterior of his two one-minute releases annually, he won’t ever ever have an erection. He continues to plead his bitter misery at this, politely in fact! I actually get pleasure from listening to his pleas, it brings me extra pleasure realizing he’s struggling so immensely.  

This has meant that I needed to resolve how I may hold severely punishing his defect. My Victorian liniment had been splendidly efficient in guaranteeing his reverence, obedience, and the completion of his chores to my exacting requirements. Unfortunately, it isn’t simple to use this liquid to a flaccid penis. Some on-line analysis and a go to to my native pure well being retailer, has enabled me to create a cream model. Amusingly, one web site famous, “Herbal ointments are enjoyable to make.” 

I finalised on a lightweight cream base that quickly penetrates deep into the pores and skin. This is a mix of shea butter, beeswax, candy almond oil, rose water, and lavender oil, to which I add a beneficiant quantity of the liquid extracts required to generate the fiery warmth. The lavender oil gives a pleasing perfume that masks the torturous intent of the cream. Poor David has to assist me make the cream too. 

Prior to the appliance of the cream, he’s iced, an disagreeable expertise in itself. When his defect is suitably numbed and shrivelled, I don surgical gloves and launch it from its cage. I then scoop up a beneficiant portion of the cream and liberally smear it over his shrunken defect, briskly and methodically kneading it properly into the wilted flesh. Working briskly, I repeat this a few instances to make sure a beautiful deep coating is utilized.  

I pay specific consideration to the delicate head, ensuring it will get loads of salve rather well rubbed in. If I wish to ship a extra salutary message, I’ll push a little bit of the cream into the attention, squeeze it tightly closed, and firmly knead the knob between my forefinger and thumb. His defect then goes straight again into its tiny metal jail! It is out of its cage for lower than 3-minutes. The prior ice bathtub ensures it has no probability of erecting in such a short while body. A lightweight smear is all that’s required to create paroxysms of ache, however I prefer to ship a sterner lesson. 

Since it has been numbed, it does imply that it takes a little bit longer for the heat to come back via. I a lot desire this, because it offers him extra time to fret about it. I often go away him alone along with his ideas, whereas I make myself a cup of tea. This gives a lonely, angst-ridden couple of minutes for him, fretting over the dire ache that may all too quickly come roasting in. 

By the time I return with my cuppa, his face might be beginning to tackle a well-recognized look of apprehension, indicating that the primary light wisps of warmness are simply beginning to make an look. It’s such an exquisite distinction, my relaxed bearing, sipping my tea, whereas he trembles at what it’s occurring. I then sit up for the look of sheer panic that quickly graces his face as the heat begins to turn out to be more and more disagreeable! In subsequent to no time, he’s wriggling and shaking his head backward and forward as the warmth inexorably waxes forth. 

Then comes the whimpering, his face creasing up in ache, whereas his physique begins to pressure towards his bonds. This shortly evolves into intense groaning, squealing, wailing, and at last full-on shrieking, as he now tenses forcefully and jerks towards his bonds, indicating his defect is being suitably properly broiled. This excessive agony will proceed for a superb two-hours. To give a small thought of how extreme that is, he nonetheless begs me to return to utilizing Linnex!  

It seems that the truth that the cream is utilized to a flaccid penis makes the expertise even worse for David. When we first launched Deep Heat remedies, and later Linnex remedies, he at all times begged me to by no means apply them except he was absolutely erect. I had at all times obliged him. Being erect previous to software helped him cope higher, by offering the psychological stimulus and submissive kick to maneuver himself into deep sub-space. There was additionally the transient pleasure felt whereas it was being rubbed in, although the worth paid for this was most excessive! Now he experiences nothing however insufferable ache. I’ve assured him I’ll by no means once more be ‘rewarding’ him with a gratuitous erection for any misbehaviour that has earned him a ‘creaming’. 

His concern of the cream ensures he not often fails to satisfy my demanding requirements. He in all probability solely earns an software as soon as each six to eight weeks or so. Mind you, that makes it way more frequent than his releases!  

What this implies is that for many minor infractions of my guidelines or expectations, he might be punished by different means, most often by corporal punishment. This is to not be taken frivolously. Punishments are at all times extreme, he’ll nonetheless be lowered to tears, and he might be left in nice discomfort for a while afterwards. After all, punishments are supposed to deter future misbehaviour. Luckily for me, David has a low ache threshold. However, he’s at all times conscious, that I’d simply as simply resolve to punish him with my natural cream, even for a minor offence. This retains him striving for excellence always and retains him underneath nice duress to carry out. 

For instance, just lately I seen considered one of my blouses had been put away in my wardrobe, regardless of it having a tiny crease. I do know most of my buddies, my sister, would by no means have nervous about this, and no person would have seen it if I had worn the shirt, since it could have been hid by my jacket. That is irrelevant although, I can’t settle for the slightest imperfection. For one thing so minor, ninety-nine instances out of 100, after castigating him for his laziness, he could be caned. On this event, he obtained a dose of my natural cream. He was bereft! 

He may additionally obtain the cream if I set a deadline by which a laborious activity have to be accomplished, and he failed to satisfy the deadline. This ensures he works tremendous exhausting. 

He so needs he had by no means requested me to develop an ‘final deterrent’! I like to remind him how, after we first met, he requested me to discover a punishment, “that’s so terrifying, I’ll do completely something to keep away from it. That means, I do know I merely should do no matter you demand of me.” It took me twelve years, however we’re properly and actually there now!  

It is past superb how exhausting he’ll attempt to finish essentially the most onerous and bodily demanding of duties, regardless of how a lot his muscle tissue are aching, or how exhausted or bored to tears he is likely to be. He is aware of he has no selection however to maintain going and push via any limitations of ache and tedium. And consider me, I’ve set him some very onerous and tedious duties! 

The cream gives an exceptionally traumatic and torturous expertise, that leaves him mentally and bodily exhausted for a day or so afterwards. I’d add that, regardless of his exhaustion, he’s at all times put to work proper after his ‘remedy’, except in fact he’s creamed on the finish of the day. There isn’t any compassion in our family.  

Despite his erection free life, I do nonetheless pander to his fetishes, as I really feel the results these have on his thoughts, thrilling, enthralling, and teasing him, serve to extend his frustration. I really feel, that to see one thing that provokes and turns him on, whereas he’s unable to do something about gratifying his basal urges and never even acquire an erection, have to be a lot worse than being stored completely sexless, with out stimulation. To see him craving and craving however denied an erection is joyous for me.  

I additionally far desire to have him please me along with his tongue, slightly than use a stimulator of any kind. I just like the bodily heat, the human contact, the entire energy change it brings, and the variations he can ship as I direct him. I do know it pleases him to really feel me orgasm, and I like the concept he receives that vicarious psychological reward, however zero bodily pleasure.  

He has been taught to spend the time wanted to be a most proficient lover, with none thought or expectations for his personal bodily pleasure. Since he isn’t distracted by an erection anymore, which by his personal confessions, gave him bodily pleasure and side-tracked his consideration; he can now focus all his ideas and actions solely on bringing me to a number of, huge orgasms. This is just not simple for him. It takes time, persistence, focus, stamina, and a substantial amount of bodily exertion. By the time I’m sated, the muscle tissue of his tongue, jaw, neck, and shoulders are aching.  He is in fact not allowed to ‘gratuitously’ contact my physique, except invited to take action. E.g., If I’m sporting a silk nightgown, he can however think about the slinky really feel of it, as a result of his default coverage is ‘hands-off’. He should not caress my physique via it. After all, I costume in gadgets that meet his fetish wishes to be able to tease him, not please him! To make his erection-free existence more durable (excuse the pun). Despite all this, he stays in awe of my harshness and lack of compassion.

All one of the best for the New Year



My Journal No. 20.

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