Is WordPress Good for Ecommerce? Simple question, not so straightforward answer! But in this video, I will look at the Pros and Cons of WordPress when it comes to using the platform for building an ecommerce website to see if it is a good choice or not. In the video, I also talk about the multiple different ecommerce options that are available for WordPress, including Shopify and I have added a link to my How to Use WordPress with Shopify Tutorial below: WordPress Shopify Tutorial: As mentioned above, I have talked about the Pros and Cons for WordPress ecommerce and you can check these out by clicking the timestamps below (but I would recommend watching the whole video!). 00:00 Intro 01:25 WordPress Pros 04:59 WordPress Cons 10:04 Pricing 10:54 Final Thoughts As I mentioned at the end of the video, if you would like to support my channel, you can do so by buying me a coffee, using the link below and it is very much appreciated: So what did you think? Do you think WordPress is a good option or are hosted platforms like Shopify better? Let me know in the comments. We also have a Facebook Group where we discuss all things ecommerce and you are welcome to join:

27 thoughts on “Is WordPress Good for Ecommerce?

  1. Hey Paul! Great video. Really well put together. This seems to be a recurring question in the sites I manage. WooCommerce just starts breaking after updates, etc. I get asked all the time, should we just rebuild on something different or keep dealing with all of the issues inherent to WP and WC integrations. Business owners get overwhelmed with all the problems. They may also start to second guess their developers since… “Well, it was working yesterday.” Then we devs go in and look. Oh, the last developer set your WP to auto-update, now it’s all broken, and I didn’t think to check on that while fixing the first issue you were dealing with.

    1. Thank you, appreciate the comment. I was quite surprised when doing research for the video that there wasn’t more videos on the topic as it’s quite a common question (I know I asked it when I was building my ecommerce sites).
      There does seem to be a lot of business owners who seem to get sold a WP & WC site without everything being properly explained and then it just leads to headaches for them and their developer further down the line, especially if they are using a different developer!

  2. Apologies not seen all your videos yet. It’s clear you’ve used WooCommerce and Shopify for various gigs. If you were setting up a new online store for selling let’s say gift boxes/clothes which one would you now use?

    1. I would go with Shopify as it is easier to set up and use and it is more reliable and secure.

  3. Thanks for the video Paul. What would you recommend for an online Grocery delivery store ?

    1. No problem, I hope it was helpful. Is it for local delivery, national delivery or both?

  4. Great video, Paul. I just found your site and subscribed based on this video. I’ve been looking at WordPress videos and I felt I could build a decent WP site. However, I’ve always been afraid of the security on the site. I’m not a website guru or anything close. I’m a retired mechanical engineer who makes custom furniture. I want to have a website for selling my furniture, but also for selling woodworking courses, digitally, along with digital plans. At the same time, I need a platform which can have beautiful pictures of furniture when uploaded. Additionally, I would need a website that I can upload videos. But most of all, a website which is secure as I don’t have the expertise to keep if secure. A lot of information, Paul, but what platform would you recommend? Thanks Paul. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you.

    1. Thank you and glad you have subscribed.
      Yes, WordPress security does require some knowledge and experience, as does keeping it maintained.
      Based on your requirements, I think using multiple platforms would provide the best solution due to what you need. For your main site, I think Shopify or Bigcommerce would work well for the ecommerce aspects and being able to showcase your work. For videos, I would upload them to YouTube but set them private and then embed them in your site, this is more practical than uploading them directly to your site and for the courses, I would look at something like thinkific as it is designed for courses.
      I know it means using different platforms but using three specialist platforms is better than using one that does the three but not very well. Hope that helps.

    2. Paul, thank you so much for taking the time to give a detailed response. I sincerely appreciate your help.

  5. I am selling stationary like notepads, memo pads, pens, envelopes etc. what would be best? I really appreciate your video!

    1. Thank you. It is not so much what you are selling but the features that you need but options like Shopify or Bigcommerce are always good choices.

  6. Great video, thank you for this! Several q’s – 1) For the individual business owner, would using managed wordpress hosting solve the security problem (where customer data gets leaked) on the e-commerce site? or is it just for optimization? 2) Would you recommend wordpress for enterprises with branched departments replicated in many countries (so different languages needed and multiple payment requirements etc) Thank you

    1. Thank you and hope it was helpful. 1) It somewhat depends on the host and what they actually offer in terms of security on their managed hosting, you would really want one that is PCI compliant. 2) Not really, I would be looking for a hosted platform that offers multi-site functionality as it would be much easier to run and manage.

  7. Thank you Paul! Very helpful. What would you recommend for a multi-vendor platform i.e. a marketplace with different sellers?

    1. No problem and I’m glad it was helpful. I haven’t looked at multi-vendor platforms for a few years, so can’t make any recommendations, unfortunately.

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