There’s a reason music videos look strange. I could just talk about framerate, cuts and continuity… or I could get an actual music video director. And a leaf blower.

Directed by:
Sammy Paul https://twitter.com/icoepr

Produced by:
Cambria Bailey-Jones https://twitter.com/cambriabailey
Guy Larsen https://twitter.com/thisisguido

Director of Photography:
Ciaran O’Brien https://twitter.com/ciaranobrien

dodie https://youtube.com/doddleoddle

Deepraj Singh
Annie Fox
Leanne Vincent
Liam Wallace

Production Design:
Guy Larsen

Christine Alexander

Camera Assistant:
Rachel Hutchings

Sammy Paul

Colour grade:
Ciaran O’Brien

Jenna Bailey-Jones

Michelle Martin
Gianluca Suppa
Xina Jailey

Special thanks to:
Grant Stevens
Bob Stevens
Jenny Stevens
Matt Parker
Maths Gear http://www.mathsgear.co.uk
YouTube Space London and the team

A Penny4 Production https://www.penny4.co.uk/

Maths Gear didn’t actually pay for product placement in this video. The dice were surprisingly painful.

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20 thoughts on “If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

  1. I thought about singing in this, then I thought better of it. Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full credits!

  2. 2:20 if parties actually had people just waving around and nothing else it would be depressing to look at with no sound at all… or even with sound

  3. this is my favourite video all because it looks like a music video!!! i wish educational videos were like this

  4. Here’s the bigger question, what are music videos being presented to 3 year olds being handed phone to make them quiet in grocery stores and whatnot creating for the educators of tomorrow?

  5. “We couldn’t afford a wind machine for this shot”

    **Cuts to the fanciest, most expensive-lookin’ bath I’ve ever seen**

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