Learn how to create a custom WordPress theme. You will learn a process that you can use to convert any HTML/CSS template into a WordPress theme.

🔗 HTML/CSS template: https://github.com/wilsmex/blog-site-template

🎥 Course from Andrew Wilson. Check out his YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/followandrew

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (00:51) Responsive Template Overview
⌨️ (04:28) WordPress Theme Structure & Location
⌨️ (05:51) Create Required Empty Files / Folders for Theme
⌨️ (12:39) Create Theme Screenshot.png file
⌨️ (13:05) WordPress Template Hierarchy
⌨️ (14:50) Setting up Style.css File Required Information
⌨️ (17:10) Activating the New Theme
⌨️ (18:41) Create Theme Home Page Template
⌨️ (21:50) Enqueue Styles
⌨️ (25:55) Add wp_head() to Head Section
⌨️ (33:30) Enqueue Scripts
⌨️ (35:02) Add wp_footer() to Foot Section
⌨️ (41:25) Create header.php & footer.php Files
⌨️ (44:41) Add Dynamic Page Titles
⌨️ (48:63) WordPress Auto Thumbnail Sizes
⌨️ (50:50) Create Home Page in WordPress Admin Panel
⌨️ (53:20) The WordPress Loop
⌨️ (56:24) Dynamic Page Title Heading
⌨️ (58:01) Create WordPress Menu Area
⌨️ (01:03:36) Dynamic Menus
⌨️ (01:16:16) Customize Site Logo Upload & Name
⌨️ (01:25:12) Add WordPress Posts in Admin Panel
⌨️ (01:07:11) Add Feature Image Thumbnail Support
⌨️ (01:29:06) Create Single Post Template File
⌨️ (01:33:52) Add Post Meta Data
⌨️ (01:40:39) Comments & Comments Templates
⌨️ (01:53:45) Post Archives Page Templates
⌨️ (01:57:34) Blog Archive & index.php Templates
⌨️ (02:03:39) Post Thumbnails
⌨️ (02:07:16) Pagination Links
⌨️ (02:10:10) Page Template File
⌨️ (02:25:37) 404 Template (Page Not Found)
⌨️ (02:28:50) Add Searching
⌨️ (02:30:50) A Few Extras and Where to Go

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20 thoughts on “How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme – Full Course

  1. Is posible make this theme compatibile whit elementor? For example to enable to elementor print his stlye to this theme.

  2. Hello, the tutorial is really helpfull and easy to understand! Thank you!👏
    I want to ask if there is any other tutorial or course for custom wordpress theme because by following the steps of this tutorial, i cant see the front end of wordpress plugins working. Am i doing something wrong or are there more steps ?

  3. This channel is the great online university I have ever seen! Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Sir Its Amazing Tutorial about custom wordpress theme
    But When I goes to Comments & Comments Template Section
    So I Cant Show Comments Form
    Only show Comments Field
    But Name,Email,URL Input Fields are not show

  5. Question, do you need an actual website that you are paying for the hosting and domain to access the dashboard? I can’t follow along with this tutorial because I don’t have any websites currently active through wordpress

  6. from -> (18:41) Create Theme Home Page Template
    there are things that changed I don’t know what they are
    but from that section, I get an error and the page didn’t load

  7. How did he save and view the change instantly on the site? I see he has the http://ftp... is he directly editing the file through the ftp so it updates instantly?

  8. Hello, I have a little comment on this course, Andrew is very good, but also he do some changes and he cut it out from the video so we get confuse so please be careful next time for this issue because it is very important.!

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