Attachments are tiny tooth-colored “bumps” that are bonded on to the teeth using dental composites. They are placed in specific areas on your teeth, depending on your Invisalign treatment plan. Since your teeth surfaces are flat, attachments allow the aligners to grip the teeth as they move them in a certain direction more effectively. We use the attachments as added leverage and torque. This is the process of bonding attachments onto your teeth.

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21 thoughts on “How Invisalign Attachments are placed?

  1. i just got Invisalign today, mouth hurts a bit. The attachments don’t really bother me much, but i find them kinda ugly lol.

    The top right of my tray is a bit loose at the top and i’m kinda nervous about that but i’ll update how that affected me treatment, if it did.

    Taking them off…hurts, of course😭 so i’m trying to wait till 9PM to eat (3 hours from now rip) so please, eat breakfast before you get them…don’t be like me.

    I also have rubber bands, i thought getting them on would be hard but it’s easy if you stretch it with your index and thumb while putting them on, start from the bottom then move on to the top :).

    I only have 11 trays, and i switch out trays every 2 weeks, going to check ups every 6 weeks, so my last day would be October 18, 2022.

    The attachment process, for me, was pretty uncomfortable and a bit painful. especially since my jaw starts to hurt when the stopper has it stretched to its widest, so try to message your jaw and relax it as much as possible. They also had to push down on my trays then use the heat thing on it, which was really painful since my jaw was already starched and pushing down, extending it more, really hurt. Other than that, my invisalign are treating me well 🙂

  2. The aligners fit so tight that Im afraid i will break the attachments taking them off.

  3. The glue on the teeth cut my lips and cheeks while eating, visiting my orthodontist twice, she tried trimming but didn’t help 😞

  4. I’ll give you some tips.

    1- Best relief is keeping ice cold water in your mouth specificaly wherever is most itchy. Huge relief!!!

    2- Pick a side and pull them out from the inner-side of your mouth on your wisdom teeth, and it easily peels off of your teeth.

    3- Try to keep ur upper and lower jaw seperated, the less ur trays touch each other, the less u feel ur teeth. I know it is kind of tough but by biting ur trays u make ur teeth and gum more alert and sensitive against pain. Not letting ur trays touch each other helps pretending that they r not there.

    4- In my case, on the 4th day (after the 3rd day of teeth, jaw and head aches) I realized it started to cause more pain to not to have them on. So try to keep them on as long as u can.

    5- Don’t try to give your teeth a moment of relief by taking your trays out even for one second because your teeth lean more on going to where they were rather than stay where they r. So you would cause urself longer periods of pain in return of a second of relief.

    Peace ✌️ I hope ur experience is less painful and annoying than mine.

  5. I just finished treatment. Once they removed the attachments I felt my overbite all over again. One of the main reasons I started treatment was bc of the overbite. Complete waste of money

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