15 thoughts on “FTC concerns brand-new cautions regarding involvement rings

  1. Like omg my diamond isn’t a blood diamond. People didn’t die while mining it so it’s not good enough 😤 Pffttt… Get over yourself. I thought people wanted to be more ETHIC?!

  2. I went with a 3 carat DEW Moissanite. It’s amazing and has more fire, brilliance and sparkle than a diamond and I f*cking love it. We paid about $10,000 LESS. They measure as a 9.25-9.50 on the Mohs scale, while diamond is a 10. So they’re also durable. And when found in nature, they’re even more rare ☄️ Moissanite is mostly all man made, but can be found in meteorites ☄️ The fact that makes it more rare. Quoting “Moissanite Came from a Meteor! Moissanite was first discovered in Arizona in 1893 by Noble Prize winning French scientist Henri Moissan. His first sample of Moissanite (named after himself) was found inside of a meteorite crater.”
    What doesn’t make sense about the blood diamond outrage, is that most of these people try to be more ethic. The people complaining about lab grown diamonds, are the same people who are vegan, drive electric cars and do everything they can to minimize their carbon foot print 😂😂

  3. This is stupid. I agree that retailers need to be clear about what they’ve selling but…they act like this was SUCH a devastation. Ridiculous.

  4. She is so f*cking dumb. She would have never being able to afford that ring if they were natural flawless and colorless diamonds (lab created).

    I don’t even blame the seller.

  5. I’ve bought diamond earrings from Diamond Nexus and I wear them every day. Their quality is incredible and it’s perfectly clear on their website that it’s lab grown. I feel like choosing that company was a bad example. There are definitely other companies that would’ve been better examples that are tricking customers and overcharging for lab grown diamonds.

  6. lab made had pros but the salesperson needs to disclose that it isn’t natural…bc it should be cheaper also

  7. If you’re paying less than $8,000 USD for a quality 1 carat stone, it’s probably not a earth mined diamond.

  8. lab grown and real are identical in every way lol except maybe the nitrogen levels in the carbon.

  9. That’s why you ask for the certificate and it’s not really a big difference between lab and natural besides the shine. The lab one will be extra shiny

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