If you want to add a live chat in WordPress for free then this video can help you.

I have used a 100% free live chat service through which you can provide real-time customer support to your clients through your laptop or mobile phone.

Here, I have used mylivechat.com’s live chat service which offers a wide range of chat widget designs, a huge number of live chat features for your WordPress website, and much more.

Even you can also track the user’s location, the device from which they are chatting with the admin, and the time since they are active on your website.

This is really a very useful feature for a small to large scale company who always consider their customer service on priority.

So, to sign up with free live chat for WordPress, go to https://mylivechat.com

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17 thoughts on “Free Live Chat for WordPress – Live Chat Plugin for WordPress #livechat

  1. Thank you very much. You saved my time and money. Keep posting informative videos

  2. But i am not able edit the default agent or add a new one. Save button is not visible.

  3. Please sir you are suppose to stop using hindi for your tutorial, because many people doesn’t understand

  4. Nice video. I wanted to ask you how to create a Dashboard which should display the overview of the website. Example while creating a news portal we wanted to give franchisee logins for uploading ads from their login. Here question is it should show 1. total no of franchisees 2. How many ads they uploaded/ordered to main office. 3. Total ads in month 4 total revenue. It should show on admin panel dashboard. Pls let me know how to do this.

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