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Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a newbie to the game, you need to know the basics of first aid for sports injuries. Sports injuries are common and can occur at any time and at any level of competition. However, you can prevent injuries from limiting your performance.

The different injuries

Acute injuries are sudden and usually occur without warning. Acute injuries can cause swelling, pain, or even bleeding. They should be treated immediately. Acute injuries can also lead to deformities and inability to mobilise an organ. These types of injuries require immediate treatment until emergency services arrive. Common acute injuries include:-Abrasions (scratches)-Bruises of any type, including contusions, lacerations, and hematomas-Cuts of any type-Fractures or broken bones-Sprains or strains with or without swelling and/or deformity.

Acute sports injuries are often caused by a sudden collision on the field. A collision can cause fractures, bleeding, or even a dislocation. These injuries occur mostly in younger athletes and can be painful. If you are injured during a sporting event, contact emergency services immediately.

Chronic injuries, on the other hand, occur over a prolonged period of time. They can be treated with physical therapy or medication. You may also need to see a medical professional for a second opinion. Chronic injuries are not as severe as acute injuries. Depending on the injury, the affected part may need to be supported for 48 to 72 hours before you can resume activity. .Treatment for acute injuries usually includes pain medication and rest. As the injury heals, you may be able to resume light activity. For chronic injuries, your doctor may recommend physical therapy, rest and possibly surgery in order to make sure the injury doesn’t reoccur.

What you should do

First aid for sports injuries involves stopping activity and protecting the injured part until medical help arrives. Rest and ice can help decrease swelling. Elastic compression bandages may be applied to reduce the swelling. Heat can also aggravate bleeding.

Depending on the type of injury, your primary health care provider may recommend that you see a sports injury specialist. If your injury is severe, you may need to undergo surgery or physical therapy. However, the majority of sports injuries can be treated with simple first aid.

The first aid process for sports injuries involves the use of ice. You should apply ice on the injured part every two hours for 48 to 72 hours. You should also elevate the injured area to allow the fluid to drain away. Depending on the injury, compression may also be applied. You should apply compression on the painful site and above the injured area. Compression is important for the healing process, as massage may increase bleeding and delay healing.

Acute sports injuries can be life-threatening. You should have a first aid kit ready and accessible. You should also have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on hand for emergencies.

Acute injuries are often treated with ice, compression, and rest. However, chronic injuries are treated differently. Chronic injuries are injuries that occur over a long period of time and may require more extensive medical treatment. For example, you may need to undergo physical therapy after a concussion. A concussion is a mild reversible brain injury. You may need to see a specialist after a concussion.

If you are unsure whether to seek medical attention, contact your primary care provider. Tell your doctor all of the details of your injury and any changes in your physical condition.

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