Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching, Re-read Saturday, Week 9, Chapters 8 and 9- An Agile Coaching Story, Parts 1 and 2

Chapter 7 of Badass Agile Coaching: The Journey from Beginner to Mastery and Beyond introduces The Agile Coaching Wheel and begins the second part of Extraordinary Badass Agile Coaching, which is targeted on teaching fashions and apply.  

The Agile Coaching Wheel is a step in codifying the completely different domains of functionality that an agile coach must carry to bear so as to be efficient and actually badass.  There are eight macro competencies starting from Agile/Lean Practitioner (the place rules and strategies reside) to Transforming (encompassing organizational change and design).  Each of the high-level competency areas is additional damaged down into teaching competencies (two for every space).  All of that is anchored by self-mastery and bounded by enterprise area information.  The breath of the Wheel is spectacular.  Since studying this chapter just a few weeks in the past, I’ve pressed the mannequin into motion as a device to debate areas of progress. I not too long ago requested three new coaches to assessment the mannequin after which to self-assess their information and capabilities in every of the 16 teaching competencies. I had the coaches assess their expertise within the competency areas earlier than a one-on-one teaching session. The objective was to develop a progress plan for every particular person and to establish core subjects that we might deal with as a gaggle. The coaches merely didn’t have the bandwidth to step again and take into consideration their expertise and information base in a significant method. Using this type of the mannequin requires making time for introspection. I’ve since used the mannequin in particular person classes and bigger group workshops to raised impact — the important thing at the least in these eventualities was to construct within the time for introspection into our interplay relatively than to ask them to seek out the time exterior our classes. 

The ability of introspection isn’t immediately talked about within the Agile Coaching Wheel, nonetheless, I might counsel that it’s a part of self-mastery which sits on the hub of the wheel. Understanding who you might be, the way you react to triggers, and the place it is advisable to develop isn’t a fluffy concept to be pushed off to the aspect so as to deal with extra technical subjects and certifications to put in your LinkedIn headline. Without a strong understanding of your self, you can be a far much less efficient coach. Finding time to be introspective isn’t just essential however crucial. I discover that understanding the necessity to obtain self-mastery isn’t properly understood by folks which are new to agile teaching or are teaching by way of different roles reminiscent of Scrum Master or staff lead. Using the mannequin to have a constructive dialog with different coaches (of all stripes) is helpful as a self-introspection device. Every time I stroll by way of the mannequin or a functionality with one other particular person, I study one thing new about myself.  

As an experiment to start the brand new 12 months, spend time studying the reason of every functionality after which assess your information and competency on the subject. If you might be time-crunched, assessment one functionality space each day for 18 days. When executed, focus on your perceptions together with your mentor.

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