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18 thoughts on “Does the PRICE of Your Paintball Gun Matter??

  1. Coming from someone who actually competed in PSP against Timmys, shockers, angels, and those meta guns in 2003-2005 when I played for Tippmann Effect it puts you at such a disadvantage. However when you cant shoot as fast or as much you learn to play with what you have which goes a long way to improving your game and team game. You can absolutely win games with lower end guns but you have to play to your strengths and play as a team.

  2. should be balanced and standard if the gear makes a difference. But in free for all? who cares. But higher tolerances are usually a good thing with engineering of stuff

  3. you are telling nothing new. i think it is 70% the player, 20% equipment and 10% the paintballs

  4. Yes and no… I can understand if someone can shoot at a faster rate of fire but then again people these days always want the newest of the newest guns smh. Glad they still do mechanical games!

  5. They need high rate of fire because they have shit aim. Get a tippmann and all you need is a handful of pellets. Pellets are expensive too.

  6. From my college paintball days, I seemed to have played smarter, more precise, safer, AND more aggressively when using a mechanical marker, versus a 20bps electro. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe trying to shoot fast subconsciously was the goal with a 20bps electro, rather than trying to 1st or 2nd ball hit the enemy player with a mech. Thoughts? @matt the gym rat

    1. It’s all about your confidence, skill, position, and level of competition. In tournaments I often hit people with my first couple balls but all the other paint is for dominance and protection. You can’t do that with a mech so it’s all about accuracy and skill.

    2. @Matt The Gym Rat  @Matt The Gym Rat  makes sense. awesome video btw, earned a sub :). I really hope all players, especially newer ones, take notes from you. I always used to say “rock what ya got!”

    3. @Natural Newbie thank you brother. I’m all about it. Don’t matter the marker if you can’t hit the target 🎯🔫

  7. I’m not ranked/never played a tournament. But i can keep up with the d4/d5 guys playing with my PE 160. Bought it used for $500. Recently just picked up a etha 3m for recball. Great video!

  8. I have a planet eclipse Gtek And a Tippmann A5 and I love them both, and yeah Tippmann A5 it’s more of a higher quality Tippmann

  9. Speedball is designed to get players to shoot as much paint as possible (I was a ref from 1998-2006) so for a speedball course, the fastest gun is always going to be the best gun. On a small course you can keep track of all the opposing players and you’re less likely to be surprised by a flank.

    In woodsball where you generally have more players, a larger area, and more places to take cover, there is more opportunity to flank and no player can keep track of all their opponents. IN my opinion everyone should start out in woodsball where equipment does not matter as much and you can decide later if you want to spend the money on speedball.

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