Question: The Hindus are quickly to rejoice their non secular celebration of Diwali. As Muslims, as minorities, how ought to we react to their day of celebration? Are the next permissible?

  1. Sending a plate of biscuits or sweetmeats to my neighbour?
  2. Wishing them a contented Diwali?
  3. Phoning them and wishing them nicely, and/or inserting such posters on my store’s window?
  4. Taking out a ‘Diwali Sale’ or ‘Diwali Special’ in my store?
  5. Bursting crackers to point out that we (Muslims) co-exist with members of various faiths in our neighbourhood?

Please supply solutions to the above. Shukran!

Answer: The phrase ‘minorities’ used to painting the Muslim inhabitants is a misleading phrase. It not directly implies that since we’re a minority in our nation, therefore we will and should cater to compromise varied facets of our Religion. This time period is now usually utilized by students who’re politically inclined and who’re modern-thinking. Liberal-scholars, government-scholars and modern-scholars use this phrase to push down their agenda of taking out the 1400-year-old Golden and Pristine Shari’ah. They intend to push for a ‘new Shari’ah’. Thus, their use of the phrase ‘minorities’ at their conferences, conferences, circles, radio stations and different media sources is to de-sensitize the Ummah and to open the door for his or her evil agenda.

Hence, within the identify of ‘minorities’, we’re anticipated to bow right down to the laws of un-Islamic legal guidelines, Mosque Open Days, interfaith, assembly and greeting Popes, Pundits, Gurus, Rabbis, Priests, Bishops, and so on., attend their funerals, go to church, by hook and criminal legalise ‘Shari’ah’ compliant banking/finance, and so on. Thus, one shouldn’t fall for this entice of Shaitaan. Remember, Islam started as a ‘minority’!

The reply to ALL your questions requested is solely ‘NO’. In the Hadith Shareef, Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has warned us that we’ll be raised on the Day of Qiyaamah with whom we beloved (and imitated on this world).

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