Arthur Lazar is somebody who has spoken about LSJL previously on Quora. “Not actually. There is 0 proof for that. The unique working experiment was carried out on mice – mice development plates by no means ossify. MAYBE if somebody would develop a machine which might put excellent fixed strain, completely formed for bone space the place the strain is meant to be, then in principle it may work. But it is a bro-science, so it’s an enormous MAYBE. But as for now, utilizing clamp, dumbelss or no matter you need to use to press at bone would by no means work.”<-Mice development plates don’t ossify however they change into senescent which is simply as unhealthy for development.

Here’s some extra of his ideas on LSJL: “Yes, I do work on a tool for automated lengthy bone loading technique as I imagine that the usual lsjl loading (guide with clamps, weights, mpistols) is an invalid method that lacks consistency, frequency and stability which all was supplied with the unique, profitable experiment.”<-I don’t know what an mpistol is. I imagine it’s a typo. I don’t know what the unique intent is.

“Thank you in your curiosity, however at present my group is full and present precedence of the tasks places the lsjl concept on the underside of the listing. When I’m carried out with the prototype and IF it is going to have a desired have an effect on on Flexioss construction (within the phrases of drive utility on the construction) I’ll publish the design with a purpose to increase the group and get potential traders .”

Here’s one other set of communications somebody had with him.

So the query is ought to we be utilizing flexioss to attempt to discover one of the best loading regime to induce the right stimulation to induce new longitudinal bone development. I imagine personally that one of the best regime is a few form of lateral impression loading(I imagine that tapping the epiphysis can be superior than the diaphysis now however I’m making an attempt each). Clamping has a slippage drawback which impression doesn’t have. The a great deal of direct lateral impression are stronger than that happen throughout regular physiological actions that are extra axial.

Lateral impression does happen throughout boxing each to the hand and to the face and ribcage. Also, it happens to the toes bones throughout working(however this depends upon whether or not you’re a heel or toe striker). It additionally occurs to bones throughout muay thai kick boxing.

The drawback is that this impression is usually at irregular intervals and never focused to particular areas of the bone such because the epiphysis. The epiphysis is the place there may be much less cortical bone, is near the place the expansion plates used to reside in skeletally mature people, and is near the articular cartilage which if stimulated may probably contribute to peak development. In muay thai you haven’t any management over the place you’re kicked and when you do kick you are attempting to make use of the strongest a part of the bone.

Lateral impression has the potential in my view to drive essentially the most fluid forces all through the bone. Greater than any axial impression actually because of the strain gradient of the bone and the epiphysis is the weakest most porous a part of the bone so impression to that space has the potential to drive fluid forces all through the whole bone. Muscular contractions even have the power to stimulate fluid forces all through the bone however that’s restricted by muscular dimension and energy. Lateral impression additionally has the power to step by step induce plastic deformation all through the bone. Most plastic deformation happens axially to shorten the bones similar to in rickets/paget’s illness and so on. Lateral impression masses have the potential to induce plastic deformation in a approach similar to to elongate the bones.

Here is the flexioss.

So the query is can we use the flexioss to seek out the easiest way to induce lateral plastic deformation in such a approach as to elongate the bones or to induce fluid forces to both induce articular cartilage endochondral ossification or to trigger denovo cartilagenous areas throughout the bone.

In the examine Dose-dependent new bone formation by extracorporeal shock wave utility on the intact femur of rabbits., they discovered trabecular bones heaving with cartilagenous tissue which might be big as bone tissue isn’t able to interstitial bone development.

The producers of flexioss declare that it has properties just like that of cancellous bone so sure it will possibly probably be used to seek out one of the best loading regime to induce plastic deformation in such a approach as to longitudinally lengthen the bone. Obviously, it will possibly’t actually be used to imitate the fluid properties of the bone.

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