Is the Data Mesh useless or have we been utilizing it with out realising?

The Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Management 2022 curve (proven under) is now a widely known image in sure circles of the information group. It appears the trolls like to level out the comparatively low place that Data Mesh has on this curve and the crimson cross key advising: Obsolete earlier than plateau.

This view then will get accompanied by posts claiming the “Data Mesh is useless; it simply doesn’t understand it but”.


Hence, I felt like including my opinion to the talk, as follows.

In opening… You fools! 🙂

The Data Mesh is way from useless.

In truth, you could have already been utilizing such an structure with nice success for a few years.

Hint, its behind you!

Yes, lets ignore the hype and realise the fruits of a de-centralised platform.

What platform am I speaking about?

What ‘knowledge mesh’ like structure have we been utilizing already?

The web.


The greatest instance of a de-centralised platform.

Literally organised into domains.

Web pages as knowledge merchandise.

All out there through a ‘mesh supervision airplane’ that we all know as our favorite search engine. Google in my case.

Query this de-centralised mesh of information and data that’s the web through this frontend device (Google), with help pure language, and query/reply intent.

Data search capabilities out there in lots of varieties and distilled as data out there by human interface gadgets equivalent to Alexa!

Maybe we may even say the widespread internet browser is the final word mesh frontend device.

Data/data/information all out there to non-technical citizen customers. Like my Grandad!

Federated governance within the type of TCP/IP. DNS. HTTP. SSL. FTP. REST. and many others and many others.

The Data Mesh isn’t useless.

We have already created it for world public datasets and data sharing.

Just a number of icons to make the purpose. Yours could range 🙂


What subsequent?

Let’s create it for our non-public, closed datasets that gasoline our companies.

Google and Alexa on your enterprise datasets. Available to everybody within the firm to self-serve.

Apologies, this put up grew to become just a little extra of a rant than I used to be intending. Hopefully, you possibly can excuse this as a mirrored image of the fervour I’ve for what I do day-to-day and in the end share my viewpoint. Or not less than can agree the information mesh isn’t useless.

It’s exhausting to ship. But that doesn’t make it useless.

Many thanks for studying.

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